Phone Sex

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On Your Knees And Worship Your New Prince$

Can you handle it little man? Blackmail is a very powerful form of manipulation which I intend to use to get what I WANT! I will use discreditable information against you and extort every last penny until I have sent you into total financial, familial and occupational RUIN. It's important for you to understand NOW that there are no limits, no safewords and that NOTHING is sacred and I will use any kind of intimidation to cause you a myriad of problems to deal with. I CARE ABOUT GETTING ALL YOUR MONEY, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU OR YOUR FAMILY! I will build a careful foundation and then exploit all of your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. I will not hesitate to use intimate information to shape all of My threats against you until you ACCEDE MY EVERY LAST EXORBITANT DESIRE. Prepare to be brainwashed and conditioned to the point that your every move and every decision requires MY APPROVAL. Once I get in your head, there is no escape from the evil that is.