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Feminization and domination from a true Lady

Hey, you pretty little thing! Are you ready to experience true Grace?

You’ve been looking everywhere for that special someone who appreciates your true nature, that lovely and delicate side you feel you must tuck away from the world. Well search no further, I know your secret thoughts, and I know what you need to feel truly beautiful.

Do you crave it as you mechanically move through your drab and ordinary day? As you feel the coarse, plain texture of those boxy and boring “masculine clothes”? It’s like a breeze on a scorching hot day. Yes, that’s what you want, that smooth and seductive feel of lacy satin panties between your legs. But that’s not all, is it? You want more, and I know it.

How long have you felt that urge that so few recognize or understand, that need to adorn yourself in the most sexy, feminine clothing you can find? It doesn’t matter really. All that matters is that you have finally found me, Miss Grace. Like my name, I can show you how to gracefully sway your hips, saunter into a room, and get noticed. I can take you from dull and male to feminine and flirtatious, and I will. You must understand that I expect obedience and gratitude from you. You are my newest playtoy, my doll, to do with as I please, and in exchange for helping you enter into the realm of the “girlie-girls”, I expect and will receive total servitude and worship.

Whether you are simply slipping your dainty little toes into the waters of feminization fantasy, or you want to dive in head first, we can discuss what is needed to make you the woman you truly deserve to be. Are you a little princess, who needs to be dressed in ribbons and frills, with pretty pink nails and lip gloss? How about that dirty slut I can take into dive bars and show off like the sleezy eye candy you are? Or maybe I should make you dress up as my maid, anticipating and catering to my every need before I so much as ask? Whether you are a lady or a tramp, I will train you and mold you into my kind of woman.

If you are just starting out, I can help with hair, makeup, clothing and accessories. Role-plays are my specialty, so don’t hesitate to email me with your darkest secret pleasures. I will be your teacher, MILF, dominatrix, or guide. I love to play, as long as I’m in charge. When you call me, be prepared with a little sissy name I can call you, so you don’t ever forget the woman you are.