Phone Sex

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Give me back my panties, you've stretched them out

I just got those...
and now they're all pooched out in front...
you know perfectly well
your big bulging self won't fit
into that tiny triangle of fragile lace...
I think you've ruined them,
let's just tear them off anyway.


Oh my Goodness!!!

You really ARE glad to be here!
You sure are a
big, bad, sweaty beast, aren't you?

I shudder to think
what it would be like
if you were to try to put that huge thing
into my tight little purse!

Okay, why don't we
try on some stuff together,
and talk about naughty things?
Would you like to know
what all the girls are saying
about you?

I can see it's true...
you really DO have the biggest one
anybody's EVER seen!
Now how are we going to cover ALL THAT
with little bits of tulle and spandex?
I don't think it can be done, but...
it sure will be fun trying!

It'll be even MORE fun
if you call me right now...