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Calling all piggybanks, Calling all piggybanks....

Would All of you piggy Banks, Money sluts, Cash whores and Financial supporters contact Me IMMEDIATELY

This way I can give you all of the details and instructions you need to become My Personal Automatic Teller Machine.

The Queen is in need of your CASH

So if you didn’t know before your ASS will soon find out that I am a Spoiled Rotten BITCH. Which means, I want what I want when I want it, so I strongly advise that you Do Not be foolish and come to offer Me less. Doing so is Grounds for a Severe Disciplinary Actions and is Just Cause for Me to Punish you how I see and choose fit.

I am a Queen by All Aspects of the Word and you are here to serve a purpose in My World. your Duty in life is to serve Me and to make My Life a walk on easy street. your soul purpose in life is to make sure I never ever, need or want for a single thing in Life. Do you understand?

By the way, What is in your WALLET? Bank Cards, Credit Cards, Gift Cards and Cash of course, and it all belongs to this Spoiled Brat. By the way, I am in the mood for a Shopping Spree and it is on you!!

And they say Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees. I beg to differ you look exactly like a TREE to me…. buy me gifts