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The QUEEN has claimed U /ur $$$ & OWNS UR SOUL

First off ~ I am NOT to be adressed as a "mistress"...(yeah, you wish)! You can refer to me as QUEEN Ursala, Goddess, her Majesty, or Supreme thankful you have a few choices; don't get used to it! I'm only looking for select "subjects" to add to my stable of subservient slaves. So how are you going to prove any worth of my slightest consideration? Well besides the obvious lengthy call to me, you will send your queen an email/application stating any ways you feel you are qualified or how you can contribute to ME...since that's what everything is about anyway. You will listen to any & all of my recorded listings to get a better grasp of your place (if any) with me to better understand your queen. If you are the WORST type of "pee-on" that can't afford to save up or scrape for my rates, then you will send me a groveling mail to accept the most you will sacrifice while begging her majesty to bill you with my demand payment mail. This is serious & you NEED to treat it as such if I am to even acknowledge your pathetic existence. Those lucky enough to gain my attention will come to know the benefits & fulfillment of selflessly giving to my cause & associating with the BEST genuine-article Dominance Extraordinaire...the ULTIMATE INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED ICON IN HER OWN RIGHT! My lifestyle is not by choice but by NECESSITY and I will become as vital to you as food, water, the air you breathe, your reason for living!! So try to see if you can convince me with any of these given steps & we'll see what's in store for you... *evil laugh* ~~~$$$%%% Also I will be keeping close track of the most loyal slaves & they will be justly rewarded with my privilaged used items & certain specialty mementos of me may be sold or auctioned off to the highest bidder.~~~$$$%%% I will make you do humiliating things, make you account for every breath you take, make you pay penance for thoughts/behavior without my permission, provide retribution for that microscopic acorn prick you need a magnifying glass & tweezers to find, all the while making it abundantly clear you are my posession to use/abuse do with or discard as I see fit! *Let the games begin* ~ as I amuse myself with watching your head spin: not being able to remember your life before me & wondering how you ever survived without me.....