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Mistress Diosa

*Hypnotic* Fem Domme NEW to Niteflirt

I am away for a while. In the meantime I have created some mails which you can have sent to you automatically. These are some of my favourite photos from my most recent shoot :).

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Want to be exploited by a Real Time, Real Life, experienced Domina? I have been a pro and lifestyle Domme for 7 years. Though I am new to phone domination, I relish the opportunity to exploit, manipulate, hypnotise and subjagate at a distance. Ahh the power.. You will obey me without even my supervision. It's more psychologically gratifying than standing over you with a whip and having you follow orders...I am always looking to increase the membership in my stable of slaves and fools. Think you are ready? Call. Adopt a good attitude and I may accept you. Behave like a spoiled child and I will not!


Physical Domination
All types of physical domination. In person I have few limits, on the phone? Even Fewer.

Hypnotic Domination
Warning to all you mind control fetishists: Give me control and I will probably exploit you $$finacially$$, or otherwise. Negotiate limits of consent before session and I will respect them.

Note: Hypnotic sessions take about an hour and it is advisable that you have all the time in your account prior to beginning a hypnotic session. Distractions mean that we have to start all over again. I also require a little advance notice so that I can be sure that I will have the full hour to concentrate on your session.

Financial Domination
OOOooo! One of my favourites :). Call my special Financial Domination listing in the fetish section. I will record, blackmail, and torment you. All with extreme pleasure!

Hypnotic, forced, and otherwise
I love my little pussies, fags and sissies. I want to help you be the best little bitches that you can!

Discussion and Support
I am not always cruel. I will frankly and suppotively discuss any BDSM, fem, kink, queer, and any other aspect of alternative Sexuality with you. Have questions? Need support? I am more than qualified to inform and help you.

That's and Order!

Worship The Goddess