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Aren't You Tired By The Weight Of Your wallet?

medium (14pt)

I really want to get down and nasty.

I will count the money in your wallet and max out your credit cards. Talk to the other girls if you weak. I am that nasty black mature woman.

I want to play like none of the others girls do.

Pay me my mistress tax to show me you feel that you owe this nasty bitch. It could because you feel your race owes my race. Or maybe your wallet is too heavy and you need my help. Either way surrender your wallet to me and let me control you for life.

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I am not all about money. I call it Iwantmoneyvictoria because I am after that money. You must realize that money comes in more than one way. Your time away from your job and your lips all over me is work.

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Do you want to play with me. I am not the nice and sweet lady you think; maybe sometimes, cause others I am that nasty b that people say don't mess with her.

I've been the hooker, the prostitute, the concubine, the dominatrix, the wife and the girlfriend. Through all that I learn to be powerful.

I am a master of :

  • Seduction

  • Role Play

  • Domination

  • Submission

  • and I am not insecure Racial names.

  • I love to just sit in your face and you lick for hours. I want you to kiss me and I taste myself.

    Thats right, I don't mind talking to women, men, or bad bad men. I don't mind name calling cause I am out to get paid, treat me like the nasty hoer I am. I want to be on my knees, I need to know my place to make my money. Lets do role play.

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