Phone Sex

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I own your paycheck, your credit cards and you!

You're so fucking pathetic. I own your money, you do not. You work for ME. I don't care what you want or need... your money is mine, and MAYBE if you beg hard enough and prove that you deserve it, I'll let you keep some of it so that you can eat. Don't even THINK of calling me if you are broke and without money for me to drain. I start taking on the first call, so be prepared to pay up, piggies.

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You don't deserve me, and you don't deserve to talk to me. I'll let you call me if you BEG me for it. I want ALL of your money. I want to enslave you, and make you cry for being unable to give me the things I need, want and DESERVE.

I want to fuck your mind, not you. I'll never want to fuck you. You think YOU would ever have a chance with a girl like me? I'm laughing at you right now just thinking about you, on your knees, begging me to let you kiss the shoes I bought with YOUR money.

I'm the ultimate mindfuck. You are here only for my amusement, and I don't give a shit what you want. If I'm not amused, you'll hang up with the worst case of blue balls you've ever had. And I assure you, I am VERY hard to amuse.

I also have a cam available for foot fetishes. The cam is for FEET ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS. An additional charge will apply. Call me to ask how!

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