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ProDommeTie Hearts-MY Captives! 37-24-36, 117 lbs

I AM REAL, SEXY, DEMANDING and ADAPT to YOUR FANTASIES BY TAKING THEM IN MY MIND and DOING WHAT I wish and you need!-Fun, RELEASE, and an experience not to be forgotten soon with the right amount of time!


I am Mistress Vixen, a Professional Lifestyle Mistress from the Deep South and Travel Extensively Important to the NEW to this-could it be YOU peeking at my profile? KNOW my first goal is to get to know you asap, what are you into? What are your fantasies? Simple. soft smile
If you needed something in any OTHER part of your LIFE, wouldn't you wish the BEST? Due to my training in Japan and Germany at a young adult age, I am confident I am the best in my chosen field.

I have a lot of experience with submissives, so IF YOU NEED TO TALK, THEN CALL ME! I understand you, your desires and questions and no question is stupid. I do CARE just I am very compassionate AND patient with NEW to KINK, BDsm, and/or any other kind of kink or fetish you have! I am a One of a KIND Mistress w/A good deal of College in Human Sexual Behavior! TRY ME-CALL ME!! So don't be afraid, sissies as I do so wish work with my over the phone Training in CD/TV/and TG dressing, makeup, manners -So there is a LOT you CAN and I KNOW.

I love what I do and especially what is done for Me as a Woman of Power! (Power does NOT mean misuse of power)
If you are a novice, and you especially need to serve, let me guide you. If you ARE experienced, I will have to retrain you to MY wishes. That needs to be understood. Good! Now admire Me and prepare yourself for fun! !
I also Dominate and tittivate women, a specialty I adore especially with Pro/CEO type women who need release from their days' stress in a domination-kink manner, pleasure and sensation overload, and with a voice that can make you WISH you were lesbian, even if you are not. (These are Not MY words, but others.) I know it is true and wish to share my Reiki and Tantra with you. Listening, Healing, Regaling divine energies with NEEDS YOU have, as I am a 4 Dimensional Woman. I know it takes a "Kick down from power in about 2.5 hours!" BUT no, NO it won't be nearly as long here. (Unless you beg for that and I allow it.)

But lost in me if you allow yourself to not be afraid, to be destined to be my slave or slave-ling...we shall begin as My caring and deliberate control..

I am experienced in about 49 areas of Domination and am simply a worthy and Very Beautiful Mistress. I have worked as a Professional for over 15 years in this area. I have done and seen a lot Sissies or CD's who are so sweet to shop with and to train.

MY extension on here, Call from anywhere is: 1-800-TO-FLIRT followed by MY personal extension: 0549110

MONEY TRIBUTES appreciated!

LET ME Mentally hypnotize- YOU HAPPILY. I will open the inner slut submissive in you dear! I KNOW HOW and I LOVE DOING SO!~~~**

So, Do Call ME, explore my Machinations of Sensations as there are MANY, so kindly do not waste My precious time and find another if you think you might be inclined to waste mine. I find sensation play as ART, an orchestration of the senses and I LOVE my applications!

I need my fresh ground coffee if it is the AM or if it is Late a Vodka Martini-too dry!*Smiles*

I am so REAL you WILL hurt almost! (Laughs joyfully) I adore both novice slaves or trained submissives in role play, however I WILL retrain you. There are NO Stupid questions in my Universe except being deliberately disrespectful or Rude. I do not allow that, ever! Otherwise, ask me Anything, I truly understand the submissives' Heart, Mind, BODY, and Soul. Always!
Life is so simple in Domination Land and My Universe dears. Truly, strict, caring. I do not think questions from someone who is new to this are stupid, quite the opposite! I do care for the new slave and submissive-Very much so!

Come play here!

Kind Regards and kisses on the head,
Mistress Vixen

CALL NOW!!!Tell me your Adult fantasies and secrets...

Confess them to Me. I have heard it ALL!

I am a Pretty

I don't schedule here, but I WILL make arrangements for appts. with YOU, my dears, by mail as my personal REAL Life dungeon is exceeding busy. Write and I will respond within 1 to 3 Days. Give your best hours and Days, and do write to me directly if the appointment feature is not functioning! M-TH and Sun Noon on til 6p are the best. Extended calls take priority! Yes, YOU are worth My precious time and indeed, I wish to get to know you. :) I am NOT a TWO-DIMENSIONAL Domme. -soft smile- I want to draw you into my mind and heart and then you will know yourself better in an utterly safe place! Yes...I am worth it! -warm smile!
Let's keep it very REAL! and FUN!...~~*** VIXEN