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Mistress woke up that morning in a very good mood. Mistress had a very successful party the night before. She had just launched her new business - an s/m theme based restaurant. She made more than she imagined she would on the first night and was so happy that she decided to go shopping. Of course she would take her slave with her. After all, someone would be needed to carry the bags. Mistress wore a pair of tight jeans, a low cut white tshirt and a pair of black five inch heels. All the heads turned as she walked down the street. Slave walked behind her. His head was down, always looking at the street. When Mistress and slave got to the car, slaveboy opened the door for Mistress. As she got into the car, Mistress caught the horny little slave looking at her breasts as she was bending down to get into the car. Mistress did not say anything to the slave as he got into the car and began to drive Mistress to her favorite shopping area -- the ritziest shops in the city, naturally. Mistress noticed slaveboy looking into the rear view mirror. He was looking more than he usually did. Mistress realized he was not looking at the traffic but at her instead. She did not say anything to him, but slowly began to tease him. She started to rub her cleavage, and then she started saying how hot she was. Next, Mistress began to moan, saying how horny she was and how much she desired a man. "A real man," Mistress said, "not a sissy slut boy like you." She continued on, telling him how she'd never sleep with him, and she asked him if he knew why. Slave boy told Mistress that he could never sleep with her because he was not worthy of her, and that he knew he was not a real man. He said he knew he was a dirty little whore. Plus, he would not know what to do with her because he did not have a penis. He only had a clit. Mistress enjoyed him reciting these reasons to her. She kept on teasing him the whole entire day as he assisted her in her shopping endeavors. 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