Phone Sex

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Come on, pay me to serve little boy!

And what do we have here hmmmm? I see a cowering, frightened little boy ready to worship a woman stronger and brighter then you are. Well, lucky you. You’ve found me, Mistress Grace. I am currently accepting applications for financial slaves, little pussy half-men who want to give tribute in dollar amounts.

Now, of course I have other slaves that pay for the pleasure of my ownership by means of total obedience and adoration, and you will too. But you’re lower then even my most pathetic of slaves, aren’t you??? You know that your place is at some boring, meaningless job, working overtime to buy me that gift I’ve told you I want, or perhaps pay a bill of mine. It makes me laugh to think of it, all your blood, sweat and tears being sacrificed on my over-priced dinner or oh-so-refreshing pedicure! But that’s as it should be.

Now, in order to reward you for your pain and suffering, what will I do for you? Well, I’ll let you spend some more cash to call me up and listen to me degrade you and push your face even further down into the mud then it already is. Our first few emails can be free, to establish an understanding (you will agree to my rules), but after that every communication will cost you dearly. I bet you just can’t wait to give me every cent you have… I’ll be talking to you soon