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Ahh! LUXURY! I live it, breathe it, and revel in it. My lifestyle is one that few people even dream of having. I am constantly jetting off for long trips to Europe and maintain a residence and slave chauffeur there. I have more fur coats than I can count; I am showered with expensive clothes and jewelry on a daily basis. I deny Myself NOTHING — while you deny yourselves many things and sacrifice to keep up with My voracious lifestyle. I am pampered and spoilt. I live a life of delicious whim. Is it all material? NO! It also excites Me sexually, makes Me hungry and sadistic when you give to Me. Knowing that you give of your own free will, without ever having the chance of doing more than perhaps kissing My boot and waiting on Me someday is a heady notion indeed. I am the Queen, a Goddess on Earth. My boys are My worker bees, toiling long and hard to maintain the hive that is My Temple. Let Me alternately laugh cruelly at your antics and perhaps reward you with one of My beautiful smiles and a pat on the head. I am your owner and you are My pet. It is plain as day; the way your ‘tail’ wags when you think of Me and the way you drool all over yourself like a pup when you hear My voice. In a nutshell, being my bitch is the spiritual act of serving manifested by the money & gifts you give… your cash is the proxy for your very soul. If I cannot physically beat you in cyberspace, I can certainly make you hurt in many more creative ways. If you cannot kneel before Me in person, you can certainly offer your heart to Me on a platter by becoming a money slave. if you are brave and feel like you wanna come to the galaxy of starr. im always available for travel homeland and international(miami native) for realtime worship. Give me a call to discuss details. so reach up to the "starr." Whatsup I am a Dominican and Haitian young and fully erotic pre-op TS, I am 5'7" tall, 140lbs., 34C-24-36.