Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

So you've had some fantasies about what it might be like to be controlled by a beautiful, demanding, and maybe even some what cruel Mistress, huh wanker boy? Been searching for the right woman to throw yourself at and keep winding up with a bunch of fakes and phonies?

Well look no further, you've found her in me.
I am a true to life Dominatrix. One who does this not only on the phone for money, but also in person as a profession in addition to personally just cuz I can.

I am a sexually dominant Woman. And well basically I get a sexual charge from erotic manipulation, sensual humiliation, and intelligent predation. I like to use my sexuality and sensually predatory nature to control the object of my attention. I TOTALLY get off on “messing with” my toys. Yes I said toys, that’s all you boys are, to girls like me. I will play with you relentlessly as long as you can hold my interest. As long as you are entertaining. Useful. Generous.
I love winding you up like a lil toy solider; a lil jerking monkey and watch you unravel waiting for me to tell you what I want next. But I am a kind and nurturing Mistress, and no one likes broken toys - so don’t worry baby, once I break you, I promise to help rebuild you. Into something even better, mine! My favorite aspect of the whole D/s thang, is the psychological. I am quite infectious and addictive. I have an almost unnatural ability of seeping into your very psyche and embedding myself there and you will worship me for it. I will find your deepest darkest secret buttons and whimsically push them sometimes in rapid order. I really enjoy and am well versed in light to moderate BDSM, forced fem, and CBT, extreme to light EROTIC/sensual humiliation and teasing and denial, and I totally get off on male chastity and masturbation/orgasm control.
I will utilize any and/or all of these to obtain my objective which is complete subjugation and manipulation of the right person for my entertainment and pleasure.
Potential slaves must be intellectually engaging and enjoy spoiling a Princess.

Want more yet? Neeeeeeeeed more? Gimme a call boyo, whatcha waiting for? Show me how bad you need my control by clicking the buttons below to send your new Mistress a little tribute.

Maybe you are a little nervous and would like to peek behind the curtain undetected before throwing yourself at my feet and mercy? Well, for just about a dollar a day you can join me inside my super sexy member's area, the Parlor. $30 will buy you 30 days access to some of the net's HOTTEST mp3 teases, scorching video teases, incredibly erotic captioned images and web teases, as well as daily instruction from the "Stroke Assignment Generator". Not to mention a chance to get close to MWK, a virtual T&D Icon.
Or maybe you are nervous about surrendering to someone as powerful as MWK, and you'd rather just vacation on your knees at my feet for a week. What kinda trouble can you really get in in one week, right?!