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I am EVERYTHING – you are nothing! you're a nobody, a worm, a loser! you can't get any happier in your lousy life than becoming one of the many lucky dogs who gave their lives a meaning and can now call thmeselves my paypigs.

I am the center of your universe! your looks, your family, your friends, your obligations - all this leaves me absolutely cold. I couldn't care less about anything else.

NEVER expect ANYTHING from ME! you should be happy enough to get some of MY attention during the seconds I blow away the cash you worked so long and so hard for.

NEVER EVER bother ME with your problems!! If you don't have friends - tough luck. That won't help you with me. That won't alter the fact you are nothing but a cash desk to me.

Fullfilling MY wishes is your only task, you will do EVERYTHING to make me happy. It's all about ME. I don't give a shit about your problems. I don't care what you have to do to satisfy ME - JUST DO IT !!

Ensure you always have to offer something to ME! Once you have nothing left to offer, you're out, the next paypig is happily waiting to get wallet-raped.

Want to know the easiest way to get banished? Just say no to a single one of MY wishes. Do not even dare to think of something like that.

It is MY decision and MY decision alone if and when you will sign an I.O.U. or an blackmail contract! your only way of exerting an influence is to steadily demonstrate your loyalty and your readyness to make sacrifices. I won't tolerate maggots in MY stable.

you are my plaything. your dullness amuses me, I laugh about you when you entertain me as my „damsel in distress“. If we spend some time together we probably are online-shopping, more precisley I choose where I want to shop, I choose what I want to shop and I choose how much and how long I want to shop – maybe if I am really generous I let you choose the way you want to pay. So face your place or back off.

you will NOT AT ANY TIME get halfway as close to me as your credit-card does! you are nothing more than a paypig for me and there is no hope of for a change of this! you can easily measure your worthiness for me with the limit of your credit-card: the higher your limit, the closer you get to me, so to speak – figuratively only of course.

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