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..............little sissies, piggys......

My name is Megan

I am a Princess and I will use you for my wants and pleasure will entertain me , I will have you put on your wifes panties for me [if you even have a wife] if not you will go out and buy a pair ,little sissy! making you my little pet, who will not be able to resist my wants. Im also into foot worship where I have my little pets beneath me groveling at my feet where they belong as i look down at you with my wicked little smirk, knowing that you are beneath me, and i can wrap you around my little finger , and have you weak on your knees , you knowing you are serving a superior goddess/princess. I always get what I want just remember that!!!! You will NEED me like the air that you breath, addicted to me and not being able to get me out of your may be worthy enough for me to drop my ashes in your mouth as I am smoking my ciggarette..I keep my cell on me whether Im out shopping for the latest fashions with your money..enjoying the summer, or just relaxing at home..

I enjoy what I do, being treated as a princess who gets anything she wants is how I live my life, online and off. I do have a web cam for those who i feel are worthy enough to view it. OK looking forward to BREAKING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!