Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

There's nothing about teasing that I don't love. It doesn't matter if I tease you with my sweet as sugar voice, my amazing body, my incredibly active imagination or a combination of them all. Once I start you can pretty much forget about life as you knew it before you met me. After just one call you'll be hearing my giggle and soft laugh in your head everywhere you go. Of course the little detail that I haven't let you cum might have something to do with it *s*

When I'm done with you you'll feel only one thing...a burning desire to offer yourself to me for anything I want just for a chance that I might relieve the ache you feel in your balls. Although from what some of my teasetoy's have told me the ache only starts in their balls and that once it starts it radiates throughout their body to every last nerve ending.

And that's just what I want. I'm not satisfied until every fibre of your body yearns for me. I want for the

slightest touch to set you off, no matter who it is. I only consider my time with you a success if I have left you with a perpetual case of blue balls and a permanent hard-on. And I always hang up with my tease sluts knowing that I've been successful *laugh*

Ever thought about being tied up? Well, with me you may wish the thought never crossed your mind...or maybe you'll just wish you had met me sooner *s* Once I have you down on the bed, your arms tied above your head, your legs spread with your ankles tied down, mmmmm I start getting turned on just thinking of what I'm going to do with you. I can see that nervous smile on your face as if to say "Take me" and I'll have no problem obliging you. But you know the old saying 'Careful what you wish for'? I can promise you that you'll be thinking just that when I'm done with you and you're nothing more than a quivering mass of flesh feeling like every nerve in your body is exposed!

Some of my calls are honestly just phone sex for me, but not when I have a teasetoy calling. It's what I love most and absolutely the way I am in real life. I'm the girl that you see having dinner with her boyfriend that makes you think what a lucky guy he is. Well, if you can't endure teasing and tormenting for days,

sometimes weeks on end, then you have nothing to be jealous about. My current boyfriend had to wait over three months just to see me naked and then another two months to have the honor of licking my pussy. (Of course I didn't wait that long to be satisfied but that's another matter entirely *grin*)

So give me a call if you think you can handle the teasing and torment that I so love to inflict on men... whether they want it or not *laugh*