Phone Sex

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Major Phone Bitch, I Take NO Nonsense

Intelligent phone abuse by a Dominant Superior Being

I've been around this old earth for far too long to tolerate stupidity in my callers. I have determined that life is too short to tolerate manipulative lying little submissive wankers, and as a result, I have zero tolerance for games and manipulation.

If you are a well mannered little person, and IF you know your place, you are permitted to call me. If you are polite and marginally intelligent, I may stay on the phone and allow you to listen to my ladylike voice. If after 2 or more sessions, you continue to hold my interest, I may allow you to continue calling.

I take calls whenever I can be bothered. Truth is, it's draining, dealing with the needy and emotionally handicapped, but someone has to do it, just to keep the less intelligent and successful among you in line.

I do not smoke, I do not play or demand ashtray tricks and I do NOT chat in instant messenger, or spend 5 minutes replying to your email. If I am live, that's simply your cue to call me.

Disclaimer for the Clueless: If you are looking for histrionics, screaming or use of silly stock mistress phrases straight out of a shlocky porn video, keep on driving. If you're a "do me!" sub, save yourself the $$ and do not bother me. You live to serve me, to hang onto my every word, and to gratefully accept whatever it is I wish to discuss.

P.S. Don't let the negative ratngs fool you. I simply don't take calls when I am not in the mood, thus the negative score. Why waste each other's time?

*Edited in the proper sentence case. Enough with this Me shit, already. Respect is earned through acts, deeds and demeanor, not by incorrect punctuation.