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Kimber Heaven

Tormenting Your Obedient and Submissive Flesh

Guided supervision of your fantasies is available.

Through either phone calls, recordings, or pay e-mails.

I will guide you, sissy boy, from grooming to cleaning up after sucking those last drops of cum from a big hard cock.

I will train you to hold your cum for weeks.

I appreciate your openness and honesty.

The more open and honest you are about who and what you are, the more fulfilling this will be for both of us.

Are you looking for a harsh bitch?

Someone to hurt you?

Someone who hates your cock?

I'm sorry, but that's just not me.

I love to have my feet pampered and worshipped.

One of my fantasies is to have my own personal slave.

Kiss my ass, don't forget to use your tongue.

If you are looking for firm guidance,

consistent discipline,

and the punishment you deserve,

Then call me.

Let me guide you and mould you.

I will instruct you and tease you. . .

. . . and torment you.

I want to know about your sex toys. . .

. . . and how you've tortured yourself.

I'll be ready.

You can call me Mistress or Ma'am or Miss or Kimber.

I'm not big on formality.

But I am big on respect.

If this listing is unavailable, please try me here

If I'm not around at all, just call one of my recordings and stroke your cock to. . . .

seven glorious minutes of me cumming.


. . . nine minutes of me, totally wet, totally nude, showering.

Thank you, all you great guys and dolls who just call when you want to know something.

I know you're probably as appalled as I am that some slugs try to get off for free without ever paying a dime.

Some guys actually send me e-mails expecting free responses, free pictures, and free minutes - without ever calling.

Any one who is not one of my guys and sends me an e-mail will be charged $1.50 or more for my response.

Some of them actually expect to get a hot response from me so they can whack off their tiny peckers for free.

"Dear Miss,
I am a bad little sissy boy. How will you punish me?"

Why would I reward them?

I only reward my guys, those who call for three minutes or more, and only when they deserve it.

Please send me a Keen mail message BEFORE you contact me through Yahoo! Instant Messenger.

If I'm not available:
Don't touch yourself.
Try calling again.
Send me an e-mail (no more than 2 per day).
Try calling again.
Repeat the above steps until you get through to me.

If I'm "away," I won't be back for days. Then you may check out one of my Crew.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ I just have to say _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

If you've ever spent a dime (or more) on me, then my e-mails are free.
Otherwise, calling me for a minute will be less expensive than my response.
If you want to know something, just call and ask!

If I'm not available, please check out

my pictures

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I have Yahoo! IM available only for viewing your webcam.
If you want to check my availability, click here.
If you want to chat, then call me.

Where am I? What am I doing? My plans are available on my blog.
To view, go to
To post, get an account (for free) at

Thank you,