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Bow to me, worship me, adore me, you pathetic worm

So, the little pansy boy needs a woman to tell him what to do?

 Of course you do.  You're stupid and can't manage a thing on your own, can you?  You disgust me.

I demand the utmost respect and obedience.  Anything less will not be tolerated!

You can start by kneeling at my feet you maggot.  Keep your eyes down, needle-dick!  Don't waste my time, if you aren't serious then don't bother me.  I may deign to take you as a slave, to worship me, shower me with gifts and praise, but only if you can pass the first test laid out for you.  Do you have the balls to do what I ask?  Email or call me and find out, but I'm not holding my breath that a lowly little fuck like you could ever hope to please a Goddess like me.

Are you devoted?