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Mistress Lucrezia

Gorgeous Jewish *Princess* wants your $$$ NOW!!!

Give me your cold, hard cash now, boy! You see, I have expensive tastes that must be fed by YOUR pocketbook!!! I will stop at nothing to part you from your hard-earned money. Some think I am heartless, but I beg to differ. You see, I believe that men were put here to give me what's rightfully mine...their money! I get HOT thinking about you slaving away so that I can buy all of the expensive toys I crave and desire. From my favorite bottle of $45 shampoo made out of truffles, to my new Mercedes Benz. I want it all...and I should have what is rightfully mine. I don't care what you have to do to get it, just give me MY money and give it to me now. I know that's all you are good for, and the more you give me, the more I like you. Money, expensive clothing and jewelry are the ONLY way to my hard heart, but if you've got the goods, you just might make your way in. Keep that money flowing, honey, and we'll get along just fine. By the way, I need new money slaves all of the time to help me satisfy my cravings for the good life. I was raised in the lap of luxury, and it's YOUR job to keep me there...rolling in $1000 bills!!! I deserve it and I should get it. I need YOU to pay for my weekly spa treatments and costly lunch dates. I need YOU to pay for my diamonds and caviar. Sometimes I like to bring my gorgeous, young girlfriends along for the ride, too, and they like money almost as much as I do! I am the REAL thing...a gorgeous Jewish American Princess and I am merciless in my cause. Call me now...and remember, money is everything!!! XOXO Mistress Lucrezia