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Mistress Madelaine Montagne

What shall adorn My polished toes and velvet soles today?

Tiny white anklets decorated with colored ribbons?
Sleek & sexy stockings…black or white or red?

The choices and combinations are endless…sensual little sandals, practical pumps, imperious stiletto heels that can make such an impression?

Perhaps its time for slouchy athletic socks and tennis shoes…By no means should you forget My calf-high, knee-high and thigh-high boots!

What's your "taste"? Is it the barefoot Mistress walking over your prostrate body after allowing you to pamper & adore every inch of Her perfect feet?
Do you harbor a secret desire to become hopelessly lost in My shoe closet, sitting happily among the many colors & styles, delightedly stroking and sniffing to your hearts content?
Do you yearn to watch Mistress while She gently smoothes an almost imperceptible wrinkle from each delicate stocking as it is gently guided upward from Her pointed toes & over Her shapely calves to finally rest upon Her creamy thighs ?
Imagine feeling My feet on your back as I use you for MY warm human footstool.

Confess! Tell Me! What secrets lurk in your mind? Must I force them from your lips, or can you willingly offer them to Me?
I'm waiting, with My silken feet curled beneath Me…pick up that phone!

1-800-863-5478 extension 0524799

I am available for private & personal telephone consultations 7 days a week. As MY personal schedule is quite busy, do not be offended nor take it personally if at times I am unavailable. You may arrange a mutually convenient appointment with ME. Be patient, polite, precise & politically correct. Be sure I have both responded to & confirmed your requested appointment prior to our engagement. Until then…