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Shall we say... sweet desperate housewife here


Sweet warm kisses and hugs to share


Lets enjoy that special touch that I offer you and can share with you right now!

I am sweet kind an caring but most of all I am a lover that desires your touch

I want to feel your body as you whisper to me how nice it feels with my head resting on your shoulder and the sweet smell of my perfume as you softly breathe in and enjoy the aroma.

The delicate kiss you place on the nape of my neck, your fingers toying with my long wavy brown softly lift my chin and place a kiss on my mouth lightly as your fingers move and touch my nipple and a soft moan escapes

a soft tender tweaking an pulling on my nipple as it hardens under your touch with your thumb and forefinger twisting and pulling

your mouth hungry for the taste and the passion as you know that I adore my breasts being touched and sucking hard and pulling the other gently

The passion as you touch the depths of what had been buried for such a long time, your kisses releasing all the pent-up emotions more than I was ready to give back to you or anyone,

eagerly kissing you back- my hands eager to touch your cock- holding, touching, feeling as if for the first time... the fingers touching the cock head then lightly scratching with my finger tips and feel you moan

down on my knees, looking up at you with my brown eyes. Tenderly my pink lips, my mouth licking and then guiding your cock to my lips softly licking at first then anxious that this might end and wrap my lips around and deep thrust actions with my hand and mouth eager to take all of your shaft my mouth sucking hard and fingers softly rubbing on you balls

Wet with desire my pussy ready and pulsating I push you back on the chair

my panties wet with my juices fall to the floor

Mounting with one swift straddle I poise just for the second and stop teasing you with my laughter and my smile to torment you, as only a real woman who knows her primal self can...

You grab hold of my hips, and I plunge down around your cock and squeeze tight around you with one thrust sitting on your lap with your balls just touching my tight ass pucker, a shiver of wanting runs up my spine...

with a gentle rise I slither up and down on your cock, my pussy tight and squeezing and milking your cock slow slides at first to tease

you, feel as the rhythm increases as the dance pace quickens with each bounce, the depth and force with such urgency and the need in me is so intense.

It has been such along while and the hunger needs to be filled and passion complete. Lust unrequited is not stilled by any amount of love...

The body remembers

the desire, the touch, the feel

As it was so very long ago I had hungered for you and lusted after your cock

Your body is mine once again if just for a short while

The hunger eases

I am complete We are one