Phone Sex

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Domination through blackmail, you WILL submit!!

Many of my phone sex calls begin as simple request to be controlled and dominated by a strong woman, with little other info to go on. Blackmail can keep it real. Normally, you call a phone Femdomme, she dominates you for a while, then you hang up and it’s over. You might never speak to her again. You might call her back anytime she’s available, at your own convenience. But there’s really nothing holding you to her after the call. You don’t really submit; she doesn’t really have any control over you beyond the phone call. With the blackmail fetish, there is a real connection. She has real control over you – even when you’re not on a call, when you’re not aroused, when you’re not hard. Let me tell you how to truly submit through blackmail. We would begin by setting up an agreement, that we’d do this for one month. I’ve promised to delete all the information at the end of one month unless they ask me not to the week before. What does this mean? This means for thirty days, I have real control over you. You have to obey or suffer real consequences. You feel my domination even when you wish it were not so. Traditionally, blackmail means financial domination. But there is a lot a truly creative and sadistic Domme can do when blackmailing you besides just make you push her tribute buttons and buy her pics. Blackmail isn’t necessarily related to financial domination, though it certainly can be. The true dominate will seductively entice you into the position and mindset needed for real control. My control, makes the domination real, thereby allowing me to take you further into the depths of your fantasies than you’d normally dare to go. In short, you normally have an “out” if things go too far, too fast, you can always wimp out and hang up. With blackmail, you are completely at my mercy. I can be merciful, I have a strong maternal side, I can be supportive and understanding. But I’m also a bitch and I do not brook disobedience from the likes of you. You will obey! If not, remember I do have all of your private info right here at my fingertips. Call me

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