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Lady Alishia

Lady Alishia Your Dream Cum True

Spoil your Favorite Princess.

I am your dream come true. I am your Princess, Mistress, Goddess, and Queen. I am everything you have ever wished for in a Domme. I am strict, yet loving; bitchy, and still sweet. I may punish you until you cry, but I'll be there to caress you and help you understand why it had to be that way. I am seductive, sensual, bitchy and snotty all wrapped up in one exquisitely beautiful package. You're a lucky boy if you can get My attention and keep it. You will learn the meaning of true worship and adoration. Do not assume you immediately belong to Me. You only belong to Me once I have accepted you, and decided you are worthy.

When you are called My pet then you will know you have done well in my eyes and are worthy of My attention. My dear, when you call Me you will never forget a session with Me --- that is if you begin it properly. You shall address Me as Princess, Goddess, Queen, or Mistress, then introduce yourself politely. Ask for the privilege to speak to Me, and when that is granted, you will divulge your interests. I am capable of entertaining a vast number of fantasies, however, I am not I repeat NOT a mind reader, even though I am perfection personified. DO NOT say: “well I want to be dominated” that is not sufficient, idiot. Tell Me your fetishes. Tell me your every desire. I will make it a memorable experience if obey these rules --- that is a promise. The activities that I immensely enjoy are, but not limited to, the following:

  • Humiliation- Do you need to know what a pathetic man you are? I love to laugh and giggle (I have the best giggle you have ever heard) at that pathetic little thing you call a dick. The mere fact that you have to call for phone sex and pay Me, *giggle* is pathetic in itself.

  • Feminization- You little sissies are some of My favorite pets. I simply love taking you shopping and telling the sales clerks what pathetic little sissy I have turned you into! I enjoy giggling with her, while we pick out the prettiest panties, bras and nighties for you. Once you have proved to be a really good sissy then the fun begins! Cock sucking lessons, and loosening up that tight little pussy of yours are next. Say good bye to your masculinity and boxers and hello to femininity and pretty panties!

  • Blackmail- Now this is my FAVORITE. I love to totally own you. Once blackmail session with me and you will see exactly what I mean. Oh, the joys I get from making you squirm and beg. I take blackmail very seriously and have no problem busting you in a heartbeat if My rules are disobeyed. Honestly why should I care who finds out your dirty little secrets? I have a black mail application you must fill out before I will accept you. Be ready for paid emails, taking pictures, and recorded phone calls. I love to give my blackmail pets assignments. Take this as a warning Blackmail doesn’t come cheap with Me!

  • Cuckold- Wow. This is a hot button for Me because I’ve done this in real life. I would LOVE to share My experiences with you. The thought of having a sweet little cucky makes My pussy wet.
  • Tease and Denial- I love to make a man squirm by controlling when and IF you get to cum. I adore lengthy teasing sessions where I make you bring that cock to the edge over and over and listen to you beg. But don’t be presumptuous you are likely to be denied time after time. I also love holding keys, so if you are into long term denial let Me know --- I would love to lock up that cock of yours.

  • Financial Domination- Sugar Daddies, Money Pigs, ATM’s you know who you are. You know that you are far inferior to Me. You are not perfection, in fact nowhere near perfection. You know that the only way I would pay attention to you is if you are taking good care of Me by spoiling Me spending lots of money on me. I mean how else could you ever get a female as beautiful and perfect as Me to pay attention to you? I have an “adopt a bill” program for especially good boys, and a wish list, for you to try to get MY attention

Don’t see what your looking for? Just ask, you may be surprised, I may get a kick out of it!

I do not force My domination upon you. You will only be My pet if you give of yourself. You servitude is a gift that has to be given, not taken. You will truly light my fire when you give yourself totally to me. I will be waiting for your call my dear. Remember Feedback is a must for any little boy to become my pet.
Click here for my blackmail application if you dare

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