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Which head has the most brain power. The little guy below or the ‘pea pulse’ up above?!!

I'm having smashingly good fun laughing at 'you' - taking what was once yours ----with ‘no’ return....poor baby....when will it all stop..

Especially, laughing at:

-shockingly small 1/2 of an inch-sized peeper

-tiny little pee-pee stiffening up

-silly funny tiny little clitty-cocks, undistinquished, manhood questionable

-fast cuming whimpy weakie sickies- days and days of endurance training is prescribed

-ass-hole jerk-off shit-heads- don’t even think about touching it

-cheap-ass losers who need to spend a lot more money on “ME”-- that's right get another job-- lazy lump-of-scum... useless fat nothing...or it's pimped out-time for you...

-married two-timing cheaters who can't take their eyes off of "ME" which I can't blame U, I'm the hottest spicy princess on Niteflirt ever to cause U to cum uncontrollably. it’s standing up right now huh?!! LOL !!..boy, are you gonna loose it big time....your wife, too…LOL !!

-old men who can still get it up and fringe it like they’re dying and sound like it too.. or else... can't live without your addiction...I know, with genes like mine ( I'm just too undeniably cute to resist)

-cock-hungry crazy bitches- cum whores and hooker boy-sluts

-out of shape half bald uglies

-tatoos, scars and jewelry with my initials

-humiliating chastity devices, fuck-toy boys and CBT idiots

-babbling, bumbling ejaculating eager beavers

-out of control sex maniacs

-you on the edge with no release in sight

-all tied up and no-where to go

-foot workship, that’s all U get..lucky ones

-sweaty sock sniffer and stocking sniffer

-sex-toy addicts and electro jumpers and rubber doll and fleshlight fuckers

-out in public looking like a cheap whore cross-dresser

-house boys in aprons-panties-heels ready to serve anything

-blue-balls chained to my doors

-found out your secrets & now er so owned and so fucked

-bruised masochist

-pretty girly boys all dressed up but afraid to go out

-mummified and helpless human worms cocooned

-asphyxiated- don’t pass out now

-trampling all over you with spiked heels

-tickling you till U cry and beg and beg

-body builders with tiny peenies


-cuckolded fools- like getting seconds-thirds-4ths too

-naughty bad boys- who need bare-bottom OTK and discipline

-tit jewelry wearers

--begging me to cut ur balls off

--wearing bright colored heels while shopping at the department store under your manly clothes with painted toes and stockings

--two tiny whinnies 69 sucking


-toilet replacements

-bitch slapping U

-blinding U

-clowns- ugly twisted-up cum face

-hand-cuffed- needing to cum so bad


-testicles beatings

-$1000-$100,000-million shopping spree paid for by U

-cherrie asses

-asshole wiggley finger fuckers

-Blue-Ball Bobby

-spitting out workship cum goo- loser load

-jerk it – spank it

-obedient sincere butler boys

-my hand-print across ur face

-buying 10 boxes tampons out in public- everyone’s watching

-cleaning ur face with my horse-ridden boots

-U peeling my boyfriends’ condoms off my floor

-panty shopping for ur Princess

-panty shopping for urself- everyone’s watching "What size do you think I wear?"

-locked-up squirters

-my girlfriends & your spicy bratty brit princess pointing at it

-worthless little pale white wee wee boys

-my big cock boyfriend & your English royal super-girl pointing at it

-chinc boy losers

-black boy stupids

-slap and kick ur stupid hard-on through ur pants till U accidentally cum and U saying “don’t” “stop it” “that hunts” over and over..

-butt rubbing ur surprised hard-on through ur pants

-sitting, dressing, bending anyway the spoiled bratty Ms. Jennifer wants


-strap played ninnies

-big dick wanna bees- man-ginas

-tiny squirts and grape-seeds

-who think they can fuck “ME”

-full exposure in front of classroom of elite hotties

-tampon wearers

-panty wearing sissies every day

-panty-hose wearing sissies

-neutered shrinky

-wet wet in your panties/knickers

-gay magazine readers and movie watchers

-closet gays for pay

--whip marks

--15 min pussy-eaters, who taught you about pleasing dumb-face...get the truth before u die

-cock-sucking money machines

-one-track fetish-minded idiots

-pretend French maid with only an apron working hard on house-work to earn the right to wear the rest of the outfit

-untrained he-man lovers

-lube grabbers who wish it was my spit

--alcoholics got to have stupid fun

--accountants and blue collar workers

--the word "MAN" verses human being

-you..and you… and you..etc…etc…etc…

Now, think of a 1st and last name for your bloody addictive personality before calling on the telly to talk to your royal British brat princess personally, so I can humiliate U even better. Only a few of you will ever be able to truly impress “ME” and none of you will ever satisfy me, except your $$$$.

You may call me or my recordings as many as 3 times a day. I’m a spoiled princess of many moods. Becoming addicted to my unpredictabilities. You won’t be able stop letting me abuse U. You are going to suffer because of this addiction to “ME”. But that’s why you’ll never be able to stop calling “ME” again and again.. How pathetically weak is that?…LOLOL !!! You're mine, forever !!! Maybe...??

Rating the quality of best to worst in male lovers, kissers, pussy-eaters, fucks, and money-makers’ personally analyzed through the astrological star system… For more info, email my Niteflirt account, I’ll send you a more detailed copy.

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