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Spicy Bratty LiL Brit

$$$$$$$$ ....... PANTY SCHOOL ....... $$$$$$$$

Glamour -- an attractiveness too powerful to be real... to resist....

Free To Be You -- To Be Reinvented

Sacred Duality. Transcendental Senses.

It's always difficult to distinguish where the 'feminine' ends and the 'man' begins....

-------- Shall We Begin ---------

Come to my senses. Bliss Control.
"Perfume is like a parenthesis." -- Sonia Rykiel
Fragrance penetrates the consciousness with pure pleasure and we are changed....

Straight or my…Cum Eating Whore ---panties..or fully dressed….Bi..Gay..Straight..ok..

Welcome, To -- My Monarch -- My Superior Domain ……..Feminine Extreme….Baadd Girl..!!! Lush Seduction !!!! ..Syrupy Sweetness....Naughty Behavior -- Your Desire !!! ..Another World !!!

Ms. Jennifer L. Mornington,The 1st, at your service, a grand English playful dom girl, Princess.. a “Bombshell” with a balanced view of "LIFE"…I Rein… you serve….I teach… you perform….

Oh, I love having guy girl-friends, and sweet porn ‘girly-boys’ to show off their cumm facials, and boys in panties. Girls ejaculate too, want some of me...we'll see...softly giggling. Just submit..!!

‘Obscene’- expensive nawties are my favorite. What about yours??? Shall we shop..!! you ‘Pay’ of course !!

All that is hidden shall be revealed.

Can't wait to dress you up !!! Can you !!! What a ‘pink girl’ you are !!! We're all chameleons – shape-shifters aren't we ?? Time for make-up….bath..shaving…on and on..hours will pass… "The softness dazed her and amazed her and made her good for nothing..."

"Even her eyelashes acted." -- Virginia Woolf

Being a girl is my paradise, my passion, my leisure, my excuse and being a “Bad Girl” sweetens my need to express myself through my nawties.... Lingerie delights me !! Dressed fully-styled completes me, and makes me irresistible, even unto myself....shall we dress…!! Shall we dance..!!! Shall we go out..!!!......LOL !!!

Later…You may now say "Undo Me"!! A steamy little present awaits you !!! Surprise !!! Surprise !!! All girls love surprises !!!

Lay me down !!! Take me, I'm yours !!! Of course, you are silly silly girl in pink!!! Or is it silk or satin, lace, leather, latex, or simply a ribbon….??

"No one wears velvet in July." -- Anna Johnson

Ohhh !!! Don't you just love being "ME" ?? !!! …….Girls together at last !!! My favorites: Paris haute couture to low rider Levis....Etc.... Etc.....Etc....Yours??

She is a sultry lush landscape, her smile an invitation to enjoy the view.... If you truly can see "beauty" you will -- “Never Grow Old”…..”Never”….

Every Woman's Gem: PEARLS ( Natural - Cultured - Faux ) (for all seasons)


The Little Black Dress. 14-16 inch long simple strand.

Collar. High on the neck. (Empress Josephine wore hers to bed)

The Princess. 16-19 inches long.

Bib. 3-graduated - strand.

Matinee. Cleavage-gracing with it’s 20-inch length. Best over higher necklines.

Opera. 30-inches, this long strand can be doubled or tripled. Sharon Stone goes for these. These are for times when more is better.

The most celebrated ---- Mikimoto.

Department stores -- jewelry stores -- specialty retail outlets -- web sites -- gem and jewelry shows -- local gift shows -- antique shows -- shops -- flea markets -- can be a bargain....

Everyone assumed that Jacqueline Kennedy’s signature pearls were genuine, and everyone was wrong. A set of faux pearls worn with love, great style, and sensuality is worth more than a fancy set that cost two months’ pay. What makes a string of pearls “real” is the woman wearing them..

Everyone gets a copy of my written description of what every “Bombshell” should know, titled, “A FEW MAXIMS EVERY GOOD BOMBSHELL SHOULD KNOW”……sent via through my Keen-Niteflirt e-mail account…to you…it’s so ‘pink’…'pink'.!!!