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Mind Sound Technology Teacher

I am a sophisticated, mature woman with years of experience and education in the study of tantra. My life has been a personal journey exploring sexuality, spirituality, and the relationship that both have with our bodies, our health, and our connections with the world. I have maintained a practice in sexuality coaching for the past ten years.

Are you ready to explore the lusciousness of your sensual self with a woman who not only understands your desires, wants, and needs ~ but your body, how it works and how it feels?

Sexuality Beyond Sex
· We are sexual beings. Its energy runs through every cell in our bodies and animates our desires and our very lives. Unfortunately, modern western culture tends to subjugate that energy and take us away from who we really are.

· The ancient art of Tantra offers the accumulated wisdom of centuries and provides a foundation upon which we can build a bridge back to our sexuality. By integrating Tantra with sexology we can unlock the vast human potential for sexual pleasure and human intimacy.

· Utilizing breath, body rhythm, and communication, we learn to open the floodgates and allow sexual energy to swell and flood the fields our entire bodies. By channeling its flow, we can merge with that very energy within all of us, and in turn merge more intimately and completely with our partner.

· Letting go, lowering our learned defenses, and opening ourselves up allows us to experience an entire range of pleasure we never knew existed. The end result is a fuller spiritual connection with ourselves and partner, and commitment to the art of living and sexuality.

Tantra Sessions for Men and Women
· With a compassionate hand, Elle guides you back to yourself. With her feminine wisdom, she listens and communicates to each unique individual.

· Learn to slow down and listen to your body and that of your partner to unlock your potential and become a masterful lover.

· Learn mental and physical exercises that focus on breath, massage, and energy you can learn to channel your sexual energy throughout your body.

· Learn techniques to achieve prolonged arousal, multiple orgasms, and become immersed in a sexual experience beyond the immediate that can last for hours.

Learn to communicate and receive desire, re-establish trust, and safely deconstruct boundaries that keep you from intimacy

Tantra Sessions for Couples 

For couples seeking answers to issues of intimacy or those just looking to take their sexual experience to another level, Tantra can open the doors to a heightened sensual and emotional experience.

· The central principles of Tantric lovemaking are the same that underlie healthy love relationships. In learning to slow down and listen to yourself and your partner you learn to reopen communication and re-establish trust.

· Learning to make ourselves vulnerable to our own emotions and those of our partner teach us to value and appreciate the unique emotional needs and desires we all share.

· The ideal relationship requires two complete wholes merging emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Too often, we try to fulfill ourselves through others and make two halves become whole. By learning to fulfill our own needs we can be more attentive to the needs of others and reach a higher love available to us all.

My experience includes:
Certified Tantric Counselor
Skydancing Tantra Facilitator
In addition, I am an active member of or participant in these organizations continuing professional education programs:
Charter Member of ASEP -Assoc. of Sexual Energy Professionals
AASECT - The American Association of Sex Educators, Councilors and Therapists
SFSI Sex Educator Training Course