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37-23-34 MY BEST! See My Talents$$ and NEEDS!

I HAVE RETURNED FROM HURRICANE KATRINA AND I WANT YOUR MONEY NOW!!! Not a Pity call, but an annoying fact. I need to rebuild and restore much here in. I expect you WILL do this for Me, my little moneypiggies!
1-800-TO-FLIRT followed by MY extension: 0513650 CALL NOW my little wonders, miniwannabes MINE's. Stop wondering, and allow me to Sensate your MIND with Hypnosis, Fantasies, AND $$$ TRIBUTE ME, AND HAVE NO REGRETS!

I wish those who desire to GIVE until they can't, but not a dime do I wish from those who CAN'T.

Yes, That's Me. ... (note: professional photography, agents for bookpublishing, flying to "out-call's are NOT FREE)

I will do with you as the mode/mood strikes me when you call Me. I NEVER yell, so don't be afraid of My wealth of experience nor My absolute love of the Arts of Domination.

Other interests I have much background in is Human Sexual Behavior, Anthropology, Running, Ballet, Tango-other forms of dance, Traveling- preferably not alone, though I do quite well on my own. I find Modern Tribalism quite interesting, quantum physics,the psychoneurochemistry of the brain, understanding younger Adults, ANYTHING requiring Mastery.

I am a Professional Artist. I have been shown in Major Galleries in NYC and elsewhere.

I HAVE EXPENSIVE NEEDS, and MANY honest wants, things that a Dominatrix wishes for, as in clothing from DeMask in Germany/Denmark. My boots I have to get custom made at Jean-Gaborit in France! I am a perfect 37C, 24in waist, 34in tight, rounded, dimpled hips, YOU WOULD BEG TO SEE, slavetoy! I have a face that has been painted, by request, in France, the USA, Canada, Germany, and Britain. I go to RubberBall in Amsterdam when I have the time. This is hand-written by a kneeling Male who in respect wants to be my slave, and he won't be for a long time, Until he prove he is a worthy Man for Me! Wouldn't YOU like to be him? TELL ME! BEG ME! ASK ME! BE ON YOUR KNEES when you call me dears! Submissive-to-be's are an elevated status. Would YOU like that? Men, let me know! Prove it! I love luxury. I deserve luxury and I want IT! ---AS I AM A LIFESTYLE PRO-Dominatrix who is World Traveled And EXXXperienced IN KINK, FETISHES, Bootworship, sissyfication, Queening, Bondage and Discipline, Financial Domination and Orgasm Control and Orgasm RELEASE!

$16.99 a minute - or a one or manytime Tribute is graciously appreciated. I will NOT call anyone who supports My Lifestyle names, though I do regard you as subjugants of mine, as you need it and wish it. But for the inexperiented.

I have many many TOYS at my disposal and IF YOU do, I "MAY" allow you to SEE them by mail.$.

AND SINCE, I am a Pro-Dominatrix of many years (15 yrs) IN THE REAL WORLD, I would love to explore your sweetest, darkest and deepest fantasies! I love High Heels, Stockings, Leather, LACE and Lingerie! THESE COST MONEY DEARS! ALOT OF MONEY...REQUIRED

EXpensive LEATHERs, Gloves, LACE, PORTRAITS, Rubberware at Demaskcom and BOOTS ala Jean-Gaborite en france, not to Mention Photographers. FEED ME. NOW. $$$$$$$$ I do NEED IT-yes, food.(I can't eat gear and Corsets are NOT free, neither ARE PLANE TICKETS!! (

I have beautiful Feet and long DARK Auburn hair to Die in! So pretty is my skin and so opalesscent white is my body. My hands are manicured perfectly and I have a Wonderful smile and a VOICE of molten Gold!

YOU will wish to OBEY and to SERVE BY GIVING !CASH $$$ NOW.

I look sweet, but can get wickedly strict. Let me EXPLORE YOUR deepest darkest self and find YOUR kink and Use YOU in the WAY I WISH!, pay for it! Lil shy newbies, I have no problem DIRECTING the conversation if you are Shy. $ Be my DONOR!


THE Mistress Vixen MAIL!

Let's have FUN and PAIN and pleasures NOW!

I can explore ALL your limits and provide YOU with release!

CALL NOW, as I have ordered you. Sweet one.

I love the POET, the SLAVE, the PowerBroker, and the headspaces' within you! KNOW THAT!

THEMistress Vixen enjoys a variety of ways to SURPRISE you.

Such as:

  • 49 SKILLS as a Domme
  • Tease and Denial
  • An Intelligent Mind
  • CBT/NT3000
  • Queening
  • Play Piercing
  • Chastity Training
  • Cuckolding
  • Financial Domination
  • Role-Play Domination
  • Play with Vibrators
  • "ROLEPLAY"and other Play-Domination
  • Play fantasy scenes
  • Play Roles-ADULT only dear!
  • Verbal and other Machinations as you allow it. Wish for it, my dear Wish
  • Wrestling play
  • Medical Play
  • CB 2000-3000 You buy it, I enforce the Training!
  • Sensation Play for release, stress release or pleasure
  • Sissification Training and Dressing, Mannerisms-Etiquette
  • Other play I enjoy as it is requested!