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Princess Nadia_1

Seeking a boy to Capture & Tease without mercy!

Let me tell you a little about what I accept. After all, this is all about me, you'll come later(If you're lucky). Don't let the Princess title fool you, I'm not always nice.

Submissive men/boys, Slave/Sissy/Pantie Boys, Compulsive Masturbators, Pathetic Losers, Cuckolds, Incompetent Little Pricks, Premature Ejaculators and the like, you'll all crawl for me and BEG me for whatever favors I may grant you. You will keep your place. Do you know where that is? At MY feet where I can watch you close. I want to hear you HUMILIATE yourself by coming all over yourself without MY permission so that I may PUNISH you for your insolence.

If you OBEY and you're a good boy, who knows, I may allow you to touch me and/or even allow you to cum or make me cum. Wouldn't that be a nice gift? Your Mistress's hot cum for your feasting needs? You really have to be good to get such a REWARD though. I can be very HARSH or I can be very SOFT and SENSUAL. I guess we'll have to see which side you bring out in me.

Naughty Nadia

I'd love to snap a COLLAR and LEASH on you and show you off to both my female and male friends. Perhaps even to your family, friends and coworkers while you try to cower in SHAME. Be proud, hold your head up baby... smile pretty. Don't make me blackmail you to get what I want.

If you displease me, tisk tisk. All I can tell you is you will pay, be sure you're toys are handy because I do not like my time wasted on waiting for you. Bend over baby, it's all right, this'll only hurt a little... it's time I show you what you're good for.

Other Info:
I'm 25 years old and have been modeling since I was 19. I'm not famous but I do tend to make a living of it, even if it's just smut sites for losers to jerk off to. I enjoy doing photo shoots because it gets me off to know these men like looking at me and dreaming of serving me. I've always been an exhibitionist and love when men turn and look at me when I walk by. It pleases me to know this man might envision me again when he is in private stroking his cock.

My website is in the works, when it's done I'll post addy here for easy access to my current photos. IF you're a good boy, I might share with you even before then! If you dare, ask.