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enter ext # 0510419

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Hello, Gentleman. My name is Desiree. I am a clever, witty and lusty lady who enjoys all aspects of the erotic mind. I find seduction thrilling! I find the power in taking, as well as giving, highly pleasurable. My personality has many dimensions and the list of things that turn me on is ever growing. I bet you have a long list of things that make your cock swell, Darling. Think about the mood you're in right now...

Do you want to be touched, stroked and licked? I'm a wonderful Seductress and I know what will arouse and please you. I will tease you as I straddle your lap and press my luscious breasts against your chest. You will feel my nipples grazing against your bare skin as my hips writhe against you and I push my hot, wet, ripe sex onto your throbbing crotch. That's right. When you tangle with this raunchy harlot you can be sure that I will shamelessly make you spurt to a hot, messy conclusion and leave you satisfied and panting in your own sticky mess.

Maybe You're in the mood to keep Your woman in line. Believe me, Sir, Your wish is my command. I can take what You have to give. Bend me over Your desk, pull my panties to the side and pound me senseless until You shoot. Tame this hot-blooded temptress and make me beg for Your reward.

While you may take naughty pleasure in the flexibility of my supple body, My Will, is another matter entirely. Do you consider yourself a strong, successful man who yearns to relax and relinquish control, if only for a few minutes? Believe me, Your time is well spent with Me. Confess your innermost thoughts, your nasty little secrets (I know you have many!), your perversions and your silly little dreams. I can just see you drooling over the corset, garters and silk stockings I wear. Now kneel before the feet of your Goddess and beg to worship My pretty, shiny pumps, as I dig them mercilessly into your bare chest.

Yes, Gentlemen, I am your cumslut who's so eager to please. I am your Seductress, who will role-play your fetishes and fantasies, and will leave you breathless. And, yes, I AM the Ice Princess, who will put you in your place, degrade you, force myself onto you for My pleasure and laugh at your pleas for mercy.

I am what you need and desire because I'm aroused by the same wicked things you are. I think we'll make a steamy pair, don't you?

My Rates

$2.50 Per Minute (10-Minute Minimum)