Phone Sex

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Hello my name is Jessica, and I am a HOT 36 year old desperate housewife. My husband travels, and is gone all the time, hence my desperation.

At 36 I have entered the famous *Peak* most women go through. I know what you are thinking "Jessica how does a gorgeous, sexy woman like you, satisfy your intense urges with an absent husband?" My answer to that is, I try to keep busy. Why my neighbor,Jennifer, also a DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE took these HOT pics of me in her basement. She has been a very *good* friend to me. Teaching me the art of erotic photography!

When I am not *Lunching with the Ladies* and *Interviewing College Boys for Seasonal Work*, I like to give back. That's why I am a *Volunteer Reading Teacher at the Local Penitentiary*. Those lonely boys are so sweet, they act like they have never seen a pretty girl before! Maybe that's why the lady that heads the volunteer program has asked me to start wearing a bra & panties...hmmmmm.

My husbands loss is definately your gain. Call me and hear MY sizzling tales of Decadence and Debauchery in suburbia! Or tell me yours!

Talk to you soon!

Love, Jessica!