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Teasing Girlfriend

Here piggy-piggy-piggy bank, hahah!

Aww, you're such a sweet little bitch to give me your paycheck!

... what? Is this all of it? What the fuck is your problem, loser - do you think your needs matter to me or something?! This is pathetic! Get your ass back to work and get me some more cash, sissy boy!

I deserve more than you make, slut; the least you can do is try to make yourself useful.

Heheh... yeah, I know how much of a greedy little girl I am - but a hottie like me's got bills to pay, clothes to buy, jewelry to purchase - we gotta make sure all those sexy boys I meet want me, now don't we? *giggle*

A Real Life, Young, Horny, Sadistic, and Cockteasing Little Slut!

Want to find out just how real I am, little boy? "Be careful what you wish for," heheh...

How I Came to be the Real Life Cuckoldress I am Today:

....I've always loved to hurt men, and I always loved being a cocktease, but aside from the occasional sissy who'd put up with anything to keep me around for awhile, I had never been able to enjoy it the way I wanted to. Until I met my slave (and ex-boyfriend), at least *smirk*.

....One night after getting home from a club around here, I was bored and found a guy online who looked interesting, so I sent him an IM. I was already involved with someone at the time, but being the horny slut I am, somehow we ended up talking about sex within half an hour (now how'd that topic come up, I wonder, hahah). When the foolish boy mentioned that he loved to be teased, it really piqued my interest: I spent the next two hours squeezing almost every fantasy the boy had ever had out of his doomed little head (no, not that head! It is little, but I've made sure that nothing gets squeeeezed out of that one at all! heheh). By the time I was ready for bed, he had told me hundreds of delicious little tidbits, but my favorite was that he had always fantasized about falling in love with a cute girl that treated him like dirt, *never* stopped being a cruel cocktease, and that fucked everyone like a horny little slut - everyone except him, that is! I finally wished him a good night and signed off to get some sleep; not before I took care of how horny our conversation had made me, though, heheh.
....Two months later, I broke up with the guy I was seeing at that time, and to my delight, the eager little sissy from online (who is now my 24/7 slave) arranged to come visit me. He drove the 4 hours to my apartment, and after talking over some music for awhile, I decided I didn't just want to fuck him over afterall - I kinda liked him. To make a long story short, I moved into his house a month after his first visit to me, and we dated for 2 1/2 months. We played little games for a week here, a few days there, but I couldn't get away with leaving him at home when I went out on dates and not letting him cum for longer than that (did I mention he had bought a CB-2000 chastity belt before he ever even met me? Definitely my kind of boy-toy, heheh). I started getting fed up with him, and after those 2 1/2 months of being his girlfriend, I finally got pissed and left him in the middle of an argument one night. I was just angry and didn't really plan to stick to it when I screamed it, but when I saw him start to tear up as he freaked out right in front of me, I knew I could finally go as far as I had always wanted to. I told him that if he let me lock his CB on for the next two weeks straight and was good the whole time, I'd change my mind. I'll never forget how wet it made me when I heard the lock go 'click' and saw the panic in his eyes after I told him I had lied!!. He's been my real - not just as a game for a week - cocklocked cuckold ever since, and I never get tired of reminding him I won't stick around any other way! The best part of all, though, is that only 5 days later he admitted he was glad I left him and actually thanked me for doing it "against his will" (hah! he loves it almost as much as I do!)

Yes, I am a real 22 year old Mistress!

I genuinely love to hurt, tease, and torture men! After all, sissies like you and my slave don't even deserve the privilege of my attention - why wouldn't I make you all pay for the honor of suffering for my amusement! *giggles*

My absolute favorite things are:
  • T&D: Teasing and denial, denial, denial! There's nothing like cum denial... making my pathetic, tiny-dicked sissy shake and cry out in need while I cum and cry out in pleasure on a nice, big, cock, heheh. "Awwww, you want to fuck me too? Well I want a bigger cock than you have. So too bad, cuckie; you don't even get to cum!" Ungh... I can't even describe how much I love making my slave watch something that I'll never allow him to have again, heheh.
  • CBT: Cock and ball torture. I just loooove to make a guy cry and beg me to stop. It's so yummy!
  • Cuckoldry: Not letting my (ex)boyfriend have sex with me, but fucking other men with his knowledge. I especially enjoy being really, really mean about it... Like calling my slave and taunting him about being my ex- boyfriend, and about how I love cuckolding him - while I'm fucking my new boyfriend, hahah!
  • Public Humiliation: Showing off my slave for what he really is... by the way, those are the keys to his CB-2000 in the picture. No, I'll never give them back... what use do I have for a four inch toy like his? He'll be lucky if I keep letting him out every few weeks to tease him and lock 'im back up without letting him finish *giggle*
  • Small Cock Humiliation! And of course, I can never get enough of making sure all the useless little sissies out there know damn well what they're good for (nothing of course! Hahah)!Keywords: Teasing cuckold cuckolding chaste slave cruel bitch sadistic Goddess young femdom female supremacy permanent cum denial orgasm deprivation enforced chastity hotwife slutwife cheating abuse cuckhold Mistress dominatrix financial domination keyholding keyholder blackmail black mail