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Spicy Bratty LiL Brit

$$$$$$$$$$$........WET PINK INC........$$$$$$$$$$$

Royal Business Bank Account of Ms. Jennifer L. Mornington, The 1st - not FDIC insured.

Investment bankers - Money movers - Financial Shakers - Second job losers - Married men spenders

Your ‘Sweet Ruin’ has arrived - My Golden Pussy Vault - Princess Brat the 1st

The Millions Dollars Mind Fuck - you - Account.

“OMG, I can’t stop giving her money” Account.

Kissing my ass = Priceless Account.

O' holy hell, how I love to burn all your money..and not give a holy fuck about it, this overly spoiled Princess only deserves all of it.

Your Prestige - What Prestige !!! Annihilated Egos. Obliterated Bank Accounts. Wow !!! I'm so totally in control, so totally powerful, so totally hot and you're not !!!! So you're going to get the sweetest fuck-over you've ever had.

High-born--High-bred—Breathlessly, So on “The Fuckable Top 10 List”

Not your trophy -- Not your ornament -- Not your property -- Not your puss-fuck, either - SUCK my strap-on, sucker whore-toy. Your skeletons will creep out to entertain me..soon…LOL !!!

Will you ever get away from my clutches--Never !! Do U want to ? !! duhh !! You’ll never get over me..hehehe..Sign the papers, NOW..drip-screw..!!

Say it, "Without the hottest Bratty Princess ever—Royal Ms. Jennifer L. Mornington- I am nothing – no-one, useless, a big fat zero. "

Breaking you down the 'Spicy Bratty Brit Way’ with my superior British Power Puss and your pure joy and love and fear of it.

Ha Ha Ha such a little 'make-believe big man’ I know exactly who and what U are... I know the truth about U. U are going down to the bottom...U pathetic piece of shit....U look big to big company bankers, employees, jet-set friends, & old money families, sophisticated girlfriends and to dumb wifey..To me you’re just a money piggy-bank machine.

My incredible sweet-hot English voice and words will consume U. I'm the best thing you're ever going to find and even with all ur money I’m going to take from U, you’re not worthy of “ME”

There will be no limits to what my cold heart will do to U. Please me and work effectively, for some day I may finally let you cum..opps, lost your chanch !!

wimp dick, are you strong enough to hold on---Warning, you’ll go insane --& I won’t give a fuck, either..Maybe U should play it safe & turn back..Oh! that’s right you can’t—can U?!! You need me, ache for me. Want me. Obsess over me. I’m too skilled at getting what I want..Everything!! Your judgement will be distorted..remember - I bite.

Hypnotic Control...If you've got $$$$$ I'm going to get it from you... Call me so I can take it. It’s so much fun...My legs are opening wider, just thinking about it---hehehe---I will get whatever I desire both sadistically and sensuously. I play a mean game of "you're my money puppet" on a string.” But you will whine for more and more, the more you lose.....But you wanted me, so earn it, do and give me what I can't live without – You'll serve me doing any degrading demands I make upon you and the whole time I'll laugh at you wanting to be my man, whanking that Mr. Happy that once belonged to you, that I now hurt, tease, and refuse.

You and "ME" ha ha ha !!! keep dreaming fuck freak, it just isn't possible. I won't even let U fuck one of my ugly slave girls in the attic.. & “ME” .. I got real he-men for that. you're just around to amuse me til I get bored and kick you out on the streets empty-handed and penniless.

What do I have planned for you today? Fall to your knees and get ready to receive from me total humiliation and to be completely screwed over. Maybe, I’ll even, blackmail the ‘big man’ today and then, there’s ways I could use to get U into the most vulnerable situations. “MY” choice..!!

I will be taking your family yacht, executive jet, prized jewels and all other items & assets that are all things LUXURY.....because it equals my ‘beautiful vanity’ and active “LIFESTYLE”. Whereas U, who cares…$$$$

Are U big money potential? Tell me your goals. Or are U worth more deceased? So call your “Golden Pussy Vault” have a drink of my smooth powerful voiced nectar, you’re already won with my phenomenally sublime mind-fucking and screaming lusty bode photos, U cheap cheat jerk-off !! Be a ‘philanthropist’. Support my cause “ME”. Oh, how diplomatically sexy is that…?!!!!

Are U man enough to join my money games & be screwed for life..Somebody, get me a fresh pair of panties, NOW !! I’m sopping wet, Again !! LOL !! I'll take“MY Money"...NOW.!!!!