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Spicy Bratty LiL Brit

Oh Balls !! You Lose your Rights as a Man if ....

Porn addicted perverts and dickless faggots - No condoms needed. Here !! Except to degrade U even further…LOL !!

Get over yourself..Maybe if you pull it hard enough it’ll grow a tiny bigger. LOL !!

Wanting what U can never ever have, the hottest chick you’ve ever seen. LOL !! "Stick a fork in it.” It ain’t gonna happen…unless….

The eminence, Ms. Jennifer L. Mornington, The 1st. Spicy Bratty ROYAL TEEN PRINCESS -- DEMANDS that you bow before "HER" riding boots and jodhpurs !!! Kneel !!!! fools-slaves-toys-human furniture-money pigs. I look down at you and I see nothing…nothing at all..spit..kick...ignore..

Work for U? Please U? you've got to be kidding. "ME" , Someone of my caliber, never..I am too beautiful & powerful for phonie men like U, too good for jelly-gutted morons, U are pathetic and disgusting but keep trying to prove ur only makes me just laugh at 'U' even harder and use U more and take, more and more from U till I have all that was once urs. I’m so above U…

ur ‘dick power’ below:

workship goo
blue-ball baby balls

= zero power over “ME” = 0
= small penis unappreciation month = $$ for “ME”
= millimeter peter pansie

You’re especially, pathetically cute when you're whining and begging to be able to touch it. Chastity Device--Buy it---NOW…CBT, get ready.. I may want a photo of tiny micro-clitty emailed to me..for own proposes..not yours.. wait until I say to do so..tiny man...

I ‘m ur ‘new’ addiction..stupid-You're going to only get dumber and dumber….goofier and crazier for "ME"…endless suspense and confusion…will follow U…you’ll even loose your control that ‘squirting worm’.. stop touching it…Now !! …suffer…U know U like me to tease U love it..don’t U wink dick..addict..ur dinky importance…I might forget about the fact U haven’t cum for awhile…oh, well, still owe me…$$$

New house – card board box
New car – riding with strangers
New job – cum whore, lair, cheat, thief for "ME"
New wife – who I say, double life..
Greatest achievement – being allowed to be used & abused by “ME”

I’m not just a shopaholic..I’ve got my causes too…spending your money on my he-man boy-friends and live-it-up girlfriends..LOL !! they love to LOL at U too. But don’t worry, once & awhile I’ll let you cum and pay for my things if you’re pathetic enough..Maybe..sometimes I’ll get bored…

I'm walking into ur life and all over U, can't stop it-- even though, U know one day I'll dump ur ass. you lost it..even before re born. You’ll do anything I want—use it against U, and I won't care that you're failing-falling to pieces, cause I've got other losers to take ur place and real men U envy, shimp-dick loser..LOL !!

Maybe, I'll let U lick the bottom of my shoes, sniveling worm..never will U touch what's inside them 'the lovely skin of my perfect pretty-pretty feet..looking at them in my open-strapped high-heels must drive you insane..want to kiss them...maybe a sniff...LOL !!

You’re all dirty little sneaky panty-thieves? It’s the closest you’ll ever get to "ME"…?!!! Fuck U !! U wish. I have the tightest, prettiest, and the sweetest real-live fuck-hole..drip-dick loser..& you’ll pay dearly $$ for it..& still not cum…

U will do whatever it takes to give me total control and total pampering or U are out in the rain & snow-street corner…and I won't leave U anything behind...penniless…loveless…..I ‘m ur sickness. U wanted the best!! Right!! ur dream has finally come true-not giving ‘U’ any attention at all.

Put on your ‘pink panties’ and Call "ME" and pay up--pantied-ass loser or Call ‘my recording’ 1st, titled..$$$ LAUGHTER $$$….

When U call "ME” to talk to me personally assume the position and suffer the consequences for being less than a big-fat-0. I’m all you’ve got weak-nuts. LOL !! Lucky scumbag willy whanker !! Hurry, before you spill it and miss your chanch to feel my voice rubbing on your....hehehe !! LOL !!!