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This Bad Kitty -- RULES ---The very pink of perfection !!! Ms. Jennifer L. Mornington. Royal Princess of the fucking Universe--Button Pusher---Too Young for you sucker-Elegant Spicy Party Girl

Welcome to -- My Monarch---My Palace-WetPinkdom


Heroes--Knights--slaves--fools--human furniture–toys–wimps–addictive whankers

A succulent firm-bodied English girl with a balanced view of LIFE.."MINE"--Life's My Sweetheart and I it's--I am the spell the universe has cast upon your planet to possess and own you--cunning Flirt—bitching bikini wearing Hottie-your favorite bitch..guilty of making married men kiss My ass..I’m sooooo Baadd..I have no fear..the power of the pussy take-over is here at last..I rein over you all..meow..meow..pu..rrrrrr !!!

Do me!! Do me!! Do me!! Now !!! may say..but I'll bring you to the brink of madness and stop..(so silly) is it ??!! (cruel and devilish) bloody hell !! you bet..but you'll crave to do without.

How many orgasms--can you do in one day ? Or is it how strong can you be for me, how long can you keep it hard ? or are you too weak...Oh, yea, you’re not a wimp !!! Oh, yea, you’re such a squirter—I’m so impressed. hehehe !! You won't cum..until I'm ready to let you cummm.

Go ahead enticingly, whisper your needs to me. Shall we role-play--again and again..Be whatever you want--- How you want it..Yes !!! MY WAY blueballs bobby, all the way…..that’s what you get ?? pea brain…for as long as I want and when I want..or forget it..I must be 100% satisfied, otherwise, I don’t need you...I'm where's it at..not you-dumbfuck!!!

What do I want? Resistance..Why would you want test my dom skills over a loser like you... very funny...How far will you go? Can you go? Over the top -- or to the very bottom...That's your level..rock bottom..that's where I'll bring you. What is your most embarrassing peccadillos, dumb-ass fucktard--your weakest dirty secrets that make you a weak little worm that falls to your knees in front of your gorgeous Powerful Princess begging me not to tell, you'll do anything for me--you want to tell me so badly and you can’t wait for me to blackmail you out of those filthy little secrets…and ruin your very existence..there’s nobody else who wants to know how pathetic you really are anyway..except maybe your next door neighbor or your boss or the most popular girl at school or little wifey,..(snicker..snicker)

Now you're getting somewhere..with "ME", pussy -whipped!!! You'll beg "ME" for it..Long for it, ache for it..With "ME", loser your abuse will never be lovelier or more cruel and merciless...Losing a piece of yourself more and more everyday to "ME", each day I'll drain you, fuck you hard and screw you over. It is my pleasure!! not yours--no debate..You will willingly let me screw you & your wife,expose you, all in my leisure..I'll lie to you--make you do bad things for me--and never care anything about you..Don't hold back from me...Cum--I changed my mind..LOLLOL !! Let your depraved weaknesses guide you to your doomed paradise -- to a delicious sweet the edge of nowhere--My World.

Experimentation !!! Why Yes!!! on you. You'll even pay for it.. whining allowed..

Almost everything is possible!!! You wish--You are so lucky to get to talk to me in my home, a tall, at least you’re not alone anymore…you still won't be allowed to see me-- touch me- maybe even not allowed to cum for me, either, except, maybe, when it's a pathetic little accident from being overly excited over my too hot to stop pics and fantasing about having my excellent puss and ass and my teasing 'fuck with your brain attitude'-Yes,I have total control over you fucking jerk-offs, and it's exactly where you want to be..LOL !! Cause you'll be so trapped in my cage, so hard for your little Brit Girl that Resistance is futile. Especially if you are tied up, blindfolded, handcuffed from behind to a chair with weights hanging down from your ugly worthless pale-colored balls that are slowly turning to my favorite color...I love being 'my spoiled into "ME" self' and ignoring you... driving you crazy insane while I enjoy just being naturally the hottest brit princess you've ever seen, my most cunning feminine self...100%...and taking your money….while someone else is washing my hair…and don't you wish I'd let you. No touching allowed you know where...LOL !!

You will not waste my time....You will Make yourself whatever I want no matter how humiliating that is.. There are many women in this woman as there are facets in a precious stone..and you'll pay for it, or a wicked suffer for it, or all your limited imagined 'make a wish' fantasies are boring the shit out of me already--but you'll try with all your manhood to make an impression on me..You'll never succeed, cause I'm already laughing at you..Serve my needs, demands, and wishes with…

Adoration - Day and Night
Addiction - Eternity
Abstinence - In my own leisure


Ecstasy - Always
Pain - Will happen
Love - Who you !! LOLOLLOL !! breeerrr!!

Worried about cost ? I'm not!!! U owe “ME" already and you’re already so delightfully bloody screwed. LOLOLOLOL !!!! I'm getting wet just thinking about it..let’s get started…"Unzip, lube close by, call to be forever taken !!!" There will be no mollycoddling. So be prepared for your weak whanking willy to suffer for "ME". It may not be pleasured for quite some time..

Everyone gets a copy of my written description of what “Baadd Girls” really are, titled, “THE BAD GIRL SYNDROME”……sent via my Niteflirt e-mail…to U…it’s the fucking coolest, being a Baadd Girl !!! hehe !!Meow!! Baadd Kitty !! P urrrr !! Ouch $$$