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Hello, this is Debra. I’m a 30yo married bi female, 5’8 with 38C’s that is always in need of extra attention. I have a secret that I would love to share with you. The other night, my husband was working late at the office and I was feeling kind of neglected. A friend of mine called and said she was going out dancing and wondered if I would like to go. Since all I had done all day was lay around and play with myself, I hurriedly agreed to go with her. She told me to be ready to go in about 30 minutes. I rummaged through my closet and found this nice little white leather mini skirt, a pair of white latex thigh high boots and a low cut silk blouse. I touched up my makeup and sat down on the couch awaiting her arrival. I must tell you, that Stacie is a very beautiful lady. She is a 5’9 128lbs, 38D-28-34 blonde with the most gorgeous hazel eyes. Anyway, I could hardly wait to see her. We had been intimate in the past, but not since her latest boyfriend showed up. He gets rather jealous of me for some reason. Tonight was going to be special! I was going to make sure of it. Before Stacie arrived, I made sure the champagne was chilled and the candles were lit. As she walked in, I handed her a class and we embraced. As our lips met, we each knew that we would never see the inside of a dance club this evening. Our tongues found their way to each other and began a slithery dance, our hands circling each other’s waist. We pulled the one towards the other to feel the warmth of our bodies through our clothes. Oh, it had been too long. I needed her in the worst way. We made our way into the living room where the fireplace was burning its sensual dance of flames. We lay down upon the white fur rug in the middle of the floor, kicking our clothing off along the way, clad only in my panties ( ok, you got me, a white thong – which looks nice over my tanned ass cheeks), and she in her black garter belt and stockings, we begin to entangle ourselves in each others embrace. As our kisses become more passionate, our hands increase in their exploration of each other. Her breasts are so beautiful and succulent. I can’t resist them. I begin to lick the nipples and lightly finger her around her clit at the same time she begins the same delicious torture to me. I slowly work my way down her taught stomach, licking and sucking my way. I reach her clit and slowly begin my tongue dance, lightly grazing it. I lick my way down her thighs and back up again savoring the aroma emitting from her sweet pussy. I tongue my way down to her tight little asshole and work my way around the rim and back up again. She is getting so very wet by now. I can’t resist and bury my tongue into her moist cave. As I continue to taste her, she turns around under me. She begins to tease my clit with that talented tongue of hers. She can make me cum so fast and so powerfully. I begin to shudder under the spell of her mouth working so diligently. Just as we are about to climax, the sound of the door being closed is heard. We are too late to stop now. In the midst of an intense, very wet orgasm, my husband yells “what the hell is going on!” Startled, we stand up and stare at him. He rapidly begins to undress, and we can already see the hard bulge in his pants getting bigger. While he undresses, Stacie and I look at each other and a twinkle enters both our eyes. We rush over to him and grab him before he can get his shirt all the way off. We push him into a chair and tie his arms to the chair’s arms. We rip his pants off and use them to tie him to the legs. I walk over to sewing table in the living room and grab a pair of scissors. I walk back and cut his boxers off of him. I tell him, “You’ve always wanted to watch me with another woman, well now you get to do exactly that and nothing more.” His eyes turn from anger to heightened excitement. I can see that his 10 inch cock is fully aroused. He looks good, but he is not the focus of the evening. Stacie and I return to the middle of the room and back to the rug. We begin to tease David with our writhing against each other. He is so excited that I can already see pre-cum dripping from the head of his hard cock. Stacie becomes so carried away that she pushes me down onto the rug and lies down on top of me. We are kissing each other so passionately, I forget David is only a few feet away straining to break his bonds. She begins to grind her pussy down on mine. I can feel her juices running down my thighs and the crack of my ass. It’s such a beautiful sensation. We are both so wet that quite honestly, I don’t know who is dripping more. I reach into the coffee table and take out one of my vibrators and start to tease her from behind. Slowly I run it from her tender ass to her swollen lips of her pussy. She grinds against me harder each time I bring it close to her clit. I tell her to reach in the drawer and see what else she can find. She pulls out my double headed strap-on. I tell her, “I need you to fuck me so hard I can’t stand it anymore!” Just as she shoves her cock into me, I feel another cock being grazed against my lips. Both cocks begin pounding into me harder and deeper with each stroke. I begin to moan, a bit stifled as it may be. My body begins to shudder. The rhythmic pounding continues. David begins to tremble in my mouth. He erupts in my mouth with a load so big that I can’t swallow it all. Stacie gives one last thrust and collapses on me and kissing me, tells me “thank you sweetie, I needed that.” As we all lay there in a pile of naked flesh, we all say, “we need to do this more often” and begin to laugh at the singularity of our comment. Want to hear more? Give me a call soon. Bye now.