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Princess Lyne

Getting paid to SLEEP! IGNORE LINE

Spoiling Me will become your OBSESSION!

This listing is dedicated to being IGNORED while I get My beauty sleep. Plain and simple! If you want to interrupt My precious sleep, you better be willing to pay for it!

That's right, bitches, I am here to give your pathetic life some purpose. FINALLY, right? you've been stumbling along your entire life wondering why you were put on this earth. And now you know - yyou were put on this earth to ENTERTAIN ME!! Now let's get one thing straight: you were put here for Me, not vice-versa. So, if you're expecting Me to dance around and tease you on cam, you can go elsewhere. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NUDITY IN ANY OF MY VIDEOS, PHOTOS, OR CAM SESSIONS!! GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULLS!!!!! IT WILL NOT HAPPEN - EVER!!!!

I am Princess Lyne. I am bratty. I am demanding. I am greedy. I am bitchy. I am obsessed with Perfection: MYSELF. If you think you can handle Me, then give Me a call. But I warn you, I am incredibly addictive, I'm the most potent drug you've NEVER experienced... until now. Call now and let the GAMES BEGIN!!