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Sexxxy Missy

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Hi there, you are in MY world now! I know there are a lot of Princesses on Niteflirt but I am THE Princess.

I love making stupid little piggies do what I WANT them to do. This will DEFINATELY include stroking MY cock!

That's right...what was once a useless piece of disgusting flesh hanging from your body now becomes Mine! :::Giggle::: And I TOTALLY love controlling it.

I love making men squirm like the little worms that they are! I may OR may NOT let you touch My dick! It's completely up to Me! It's whatever makes ME happy!

If I am not around and you think you deserve to touch it you may email Me because there is ALWAYS a MASTERBATION TAX!! you aren'tspecial to Me. you are a pay piggie.

I may looksweet and innocent but I can be very mean if you aren't doing what I tell you to do. I don't like being a ball busting bitch but...I will be if you touch it when you aren't allowed to or if you make Me angry. PLEASE don't make me angry. I really prefer being my sweet little Princess self!!!

So you aren't a rich little piggie or you have a stupid little wife at home. That's okay...I do appointments and I LOVE draining your wifes wallet. After all if she could give you what I can you woulcn't be reading this now! If you're lucky I will let you sniff My day old warn in panties.

BUT you will have to pay for it. After all, you are nothing but My pathetic little piggie bank. For being a good little piggie and buying Me a present, with your wifes money, I might send you a naughty pic of Me or something really naughty. Ask me about the things I may find you worthy enough to own of Mine!

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