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LadyLotus by the Sea

Your Lady* Gentle Domme *Loving* Sensual* Hungry

I am a Gently Dominant Lady who wants to give you your forbidden Fantasy. I am your full service Mystress who goes beyond just a quickie call in the night. I go Deeply into your mind, spirit, body to extract your dreams. I don't judge, I don't believe in taboo. I simply dream, feel and play - with you.

Whether you need a best friend or someone to trust with your deepest, darkest, secrets? I am the One you can chat with, confide in; tell whatever you want, and never be judged or lectured or belittled. I am not shocked by the workings, musings, or cravings of the human heart or spirit. Tell me ANYthing, you may just be surprised at my response, and the misty twists and turns our conversation will take..

That is the type of Lady that I am. I have taken a vow of non-harm in My Life, and the Universe simply forbids me to say or do anything hurtful. I am the ear, heart, and Spirit YOU can count on.

Do you need to talk about Love, Life, Sexuality, Spirituality, Anger, Frustration, your Children, Romance, your Job,your ex wife / husband / lover, your education, your health, your Choices, the last book you read..Or the reason we are all here.. Would you like to talk about the Law of Attraction, what brought Us together? Do you need help staying on track and being motivated to Manifest your needs and Desires?

We can chat about ANYthing! Trust me with your secrets. I have vast experience in advocating for many minorities, specialty arenas, and victim-to-survivor groups, as well as twelve step programs. I am very open, willing, and eager to listen and HELP. I am in this Lifetime to Help, and I want to help and love, YOU!

I know what it's like to hear the empty night.. I have cried into my pillow, and have longed and ached to hear a voice, or feel a touch. I AM that voice and touch! I am Your Non-Judging Best Friend - A Lady - Intuitive Empath with Lifetime's of Experience and Love to Give to YOU

I am no different than you are. I am a single home-schooling Mom, getting by in this miraculous Life of ours. I work very hard by day, and each call is as much a Blessing and reprieve, as it will be for you. I promise you that. I am Grateful for each day, and Grateful for the opportunity to get to know YOU.

Give Your Friend and Confidant a call... I am here.. for You... Brightest of Blessings...... Lady Lotus

To have a Tarot Card reading, or an Empathic or Intuitive Reading, please look at my listing in Tarot Readers.. Mystress Lotus by the Sea

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