Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.


Happy Birthday to me ! $1.50 Spc for YOU !

Hello I'm Diana,
Thank you for stopping in, I've been accepting calls on Niteflirt since 2004.... I'd like to say I'm an old pro at this, but I'm NOT.... LOL... 1- I don't have unlimited hours to spend on here, and 2- I actually have a job, a life and a family (like you !)

Lets cut right to the chase, I know many flirts use purchased content for their page (fake pictures etc.)....
I DON'T.... 1- I'm happy with my looks, and 2-, that shits expensive ! LOL
~~~Free Minutes~~~
Due to abuse, I no longer send out minutes.
AND Don't say you want to 'try me out', LOL Seriously- that's just insulting !
~~~Real Life Meeting?~~~
Sorry No, this is not a dating service. ok?

When I offer my $1 per minute special, I am NOT into quickies or 2 min hang ups, remember, I'm a real person & I like my fun too !

I just turned 50 ! Jan 9th, I'm 5'6, 145 pounds, brunette/brown eyes, French & Irish, Curvy Natural Body, Natural 38DD's (no plastic).
I'm Honest, Open, Down to earth, and most men desire that and welcome my honesty.

~~~Our 1on1 On-line Relationship~~~
I DO want us to know each other, our likes, our dislikes, THAT makes our time together more personal and better then ever !
I'm all about passion, romance, sensuousness, kissing, foreplay, etc.

We're both here to have some quality adult fun!
And come-on ! - I'm not here to fart, burp, sneeze or blow my nose !
On what planet is THAT sexy or sensual. LOL
So please-- if you're looking to gross me out, DON'T ! LOL

Respect is also something I require, I am a real life housewife, mother & yes, grandmother !
So- when my phone rings, its rings here at my home, please respect that !
Seriously thou, I'm not into pushy or ignorant men who assume this is my job or that I work for them because I answered the phone.
Simply put...
Don't think less of me for being on here AND I won't think less of you for being on here, ok?

In closing.... I have many responsibilities (like you). With my work schedule & family, my time here can be limited, Soooo, if it says "AVAILABLE" and you want to call. CALL ! If not, no worries, you can always add me to your favorites for a later time.
Kissess, Diana

PS, I do have lots of legit pictures & videos available on my NF home page and my other listings. Checkum out if you want to.