Phone Sex

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Having fun & keeping it real !

Hello I'm Diana,
Thank you for stopping in, I've been accepting calls on Niteflirt since 2004.... I'd like to say I'm an old pro at this, but I'm NOT.... and I'm not old either LOL... 1- I don't have unlimited hours to spend on here, and 2- I actually have a job, a life and a family (like you !) and 3-Relax, No need to rush, I just like to get to know who I'm talking to and have fun.

Lets cut right to the chase, I know many flirts use purchased content for their page (fake pictures etc.)....
I DON'T.... 1- I'm happy with my looks, and 2-, that shits expensive ! LOL and 3- I like to be myself and keep it real.
~~~Free Minutes~~~
Due to abuse, I no longer send out minutes.
AND Don't say you want to 'try me out', LOL Seriously- that's just insulting !
~~~Real Life Meeting?~~~
Sorry No, this is not a dating service. ok?

I am NOT into quickies or 2 min hang ups, remember, I'm a real person & I like my fun too !

I just turned 51 ! Jan 9th, I'm 5'6, 145 pounds, brunette/brown eyes, French & Irish, Curvy Natural Body, Natural 38DD's (no plastic).
I'm Honest, Open, Down to earth, and most men desire that and welcome my honesty.

~~~Our 1on1 On-line Relationship~~~
I DO want us to know each other, our likes, our dislikes, THAT makes our time together more personal and better then ever !
I'm all about passion, romance, sensuousness, kissing, foreplay, etc.

We're both here to have some quality adult fun!
And come-on ! - I'm not here to fart, burp, sneeze or blow my nose !
On what planet is THAT sexy or sensual. LOL
So please-- if you're looking to gross me out, DON'T ! LOL

Respect is also something I require, I am a real life housewife, mother & yes, grandmother !
So- when my phone rings, its rings here at my home, please respect that !
Seriously thou, I'm not into pushy or ignorant men who assume this is my job or that I work for them because I answered the phone.
Simply put...
Don't think less of me for being on here AND I won't think less of you for being on here, ok?

In closing.... I have many responsibilities (like you). With my work schedule & family, my time here can be limited, Soooo, if it says "AVAILABLE" and you want to call. CALL ! If not, no worries, you can always add me to your favorites for a later time.
Kissess, Diana

PS, I do have lots of legit pictures & videos available on my NF home page and my other listings. Checkum out if you want to.

Oh one more thing, I do offer budget friendly direct talk packages, just call and ask me about it. You'll be glad you did !