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I am Princess Electria. I sit on my throne high and mighty above you weaklings. I will not stand for your insolence. You MUST obey me. I will NOT tell you twice.

I deserve to sit on my high throne and be paid to do so. And you were born ONLY for the purpose of paying tribute unto me with gifts in the form of Money, Jewels, Clothes, and anything else I deem necessary.

DO NOT be hasty my slaves. DO NOT think that you can just buy me things or give me money. You MUST first ask, beg, plead, and grovel before me, then if your request will please me then I may give you permission to pay tribute to your Princess.

Keep in mind, you pitiful beings, that Princess Electria does not need you, for she already has many slaves to do her bidding. But, you filthy vermin, you need your Princess, because you have no clue how to take care of yoursleves. You are so weakminded and feeble you don't even know that your money is rightfully mine. Your lives are mine and I will have everything that belongs to me.

I am a vengeful Princess so DO NOT tempt my wrath.

Contact me and beg to become my slave. It's the only way to make your sorry existence worth while. But DO NOT waste my time, I will only allow those who I believe to be faithful and worthy to become part of my kingdom. So prove your worth to me, you lazy dog. Give me a reason to accept you.