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beggin on My knees at Your feet for a Treat

"You've been willful all day slave," he said softly, leaning across her and next to her ear, stroking her hair. " But this too much even for you!" he was snarling now, and he dropped her hair and took a step back. "Now, you have one second to come down here of your own free will, or you'll be begging me for your knees!" She turned her head, staring insolently at him, and did not move. She was too far into her training for this kind of behavior, but she had been feeling less than submissive since he came to get her. He had been lenient thus far, and she was pushing his limits. But this time, there would be no second warning... In a few moments she found herself in a very different position. She was stretched to her full height, her wrists bound and chained to the ceiling so that she had to stand on her tip toes to avoid suspending herself. Her ankles were shackled tightly together, and her master stood in front of her, gently touching her face. "Is this comfortable, slave?" She dared not give him any more reasons to be angry with her, and she shook her head, looking down. He strode behind her quickly, and gave her a spank with such force that she almost dropped off her toes, but she regained her balance in a second. "I think you'll be answering any questions I ask you properly, yes, slave?" "Yes master." She said, twisting her fingers to find a comfortable support, but there was none.

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