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goddess demi

Spoil Me or RUE the consequences LOSER!

Goddess Demi Financial Domination!

That's it take a long hard look....

You want me!

I want your money!

I know I can't make you call me....

But do you want to keep being a nobody... or would you rather have that special place in my mind..

I know you could be the one that would treat me like a goddess, paying my way in this cruel world... keeping me safe and pampered!

But, maybe you would rather keep being a loser, a person that no one ever notices...

I have always been a goddess; I am perfect & beautiful... I am confident and know what I want and how to get it!

You want me, 'Don't deny it'... All MEN hope that I will LOOK their way!

Reality check!

The only thing I care about is MONEY, MONEY, and MONEY!

All men are to me is a BANK ACCOUNT, you will grant me ACCESS to it anytime I wish... you will show your appreciation that I chose YOU from all the losers with expensive gifts and money!

You will be humbled that I allow you to be a part of my LIFE, if you want to touch me it will cost you, if you want anything from me be prepared to pay out BIG!

HA! As if I would let a pathetic man like you ever touch me, you would have to give me everything including the clothes off your back!!

I belong to NO MAN; I will own you pathetic little man, I will treat you like the pathetic loser you are, I will walk all over you as you desire it, you will be my door-mat and toilet!

Unless you have money don’t bother calling me, I have no patience for time wasters, I have a condo, maid, car and high living expenses that you will maintain.

You will soon learn that I only have the best of everything as I make you pay for all that I want!

You will respect my honesty, I do not play games, I have pointed out why I am here, and that is for money, if you don’t like it get over it!

 You WILL enjoy SPOILING this GODDESS and thank me for it!

Remember loser, MY WISH LISTS are not there for decoration, go SPOIL ME!

STOP being a loser!

 CALL ME and PROVE that you're worthy!