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John Rick

Enter the Forbidden City! 3 Free Minutes

  Atttn: Boys and Men... straight guys (yea right! ) ....and bi and gay boys alike..... we'll be heading for the Forbidden City of Sodom shortly. If you want private pics of hot chicks going down on my cock - 9 x 6 inches thick, - you'll need to be a good boy bitch in our chats. Today, the special tour of duty includes: doctor/patient,, buddy sex, cop/criminal. teacher/student, burgler/victim role playing scenes: All scenes include your special creamy house sauce! UNLESS YOUR MONEY RUNS OUT FIRST! I'll be your tour guide. Yes, I thoroughly enjoy offering humiliation and giving verbal abuse. And based on my ratings others enjoy it too, so much so, they are delirious and forget to rate the call (RATE THE FUCKIN CALL OR I'LL SEND MY RUSSIAN GANGSTER FRIENDS AFTER YOU!..... First, you should pack wisely for this trip - and I don't just mean applying sunscreen. Be prepared. So, if you are really drunk, medicated or stoned, that's not packing wisely, you loser. And if you sound underage I'll just politely (or not) decline! Have your reliable trusted lube ready. You should be in a nice reclined position on your bed or couch. - EXPLORE BEING A SISSY AT SCHOOL - HAVE THE SCHOOL JOCK LAUGH AT YOU - GET SPANKED BY THE TEACHER UNTIL YOUR ASS IS A NICE SHADE OF CRIMSON, ( THE SAME COLOUR YOU'D LIKE TO REDO THE SPARE BEDROOM) - EXPLORE BEING IN THE CHANGE ROOM WHERE THE SCHOOL JOCK MAKES YOU SUCK HIS COCK - HAVE YOUR APARTMENT BROKEN INTO BY TWO BURGLERS WHO TIE YOU TO THE BED AND PENETRATE YOU. OR .....YOU NAME IT, AND THEN TRY ME ON FOR SIZE, ..... ANYTIME YOU WANT TO GRAB A PEE, THE TOILETS ARE AT THE BACK. IF YOU FEEL LIKE SUCKING MY DICK, JUST ASK!. IF YOU WANNA DIDDLE WITH YOURSELF, GO AHEAD, BUT KEEP THE DOOR CLOSED! I'm not into scat, sex with minors, extreme violence, or sex with if that's your thing, you ain't playin with me! IF' YOU'RE CERTIFIED INSANE DON'T EXPECT A REPLY. Most other kinds of kink I'm game for however. I've got lots of sexual experience, have a calm, masculine voice and will take you where you need to go.... If you enjoy BDSM and bondage, then we're a match made in Queer Heaven, aren't we faggot? I have a very big cock, thick shaved balls and really, that's all you need to know, because from there, you'll know exactly what to do with it, without me even suggesting it. "CAN I SUCK IT SIR?". ......Will you let me put it in mymouth...I've never done anything like that can use all the lame justifications for innocence you want. I don't really care, whatever gets you going...... . John Rick