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April Lyn


April Lyn
Teeny little cocks make me giggle. Especially when they get hard, and they're still no thicker than my index finger and no longer than my thumb. Little cocks that small are practically useless, except for giving girls like me a good laugh. I know that you small penis boys only need to use your thumb and forefinger to jerk off since your little pricks get lost in the palm of your hand. You can't even give it a good tug.

If you are going to cum, and that's a big IF, you're going to do it in some humiliating way so that I get a good laugh out of it. You can go and jerk off in the corner of the room while I'm laughing in your ear and telling you to lick your mess up off of the wall. I would consider locking you up in chastity, but I don't think that they make chastity but I don't think that they make chastity devices that small.

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April Lyn April Lyn April Lyn

April Lyn April LynApril LynApril Lyn

April Lyn