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Mistress Jess

Cuckold,Chastity,Controlled,Cocksucker - My 4 C's

Lifestyle and Professional Dominatrix


This is one one my specialties. I absolutely love it when a male submits to me this way and all the possibilities it presents. Not only does it take away her male gender, but also all of her expectations of being a male along with society's expectations of her. She becomes ready to be molded, controlled and used in so many ways. Not all men were meant for this, but those who are, are special in my eyes. They tend to be so giving and want to love a woman unconditionally. Some understand this might lead to complete slavery, while their mistress has complete freedom to do as she wants. Whatever way feminization might appeal to you, I would enjoy talking to you about it.

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Ideally I am looking to establish a relationship with you. Knowing your interest in feminization, your other bdsm interests and fetishes will allow us to establish an understanding. My hope is that I will be your outlet and become special to you. If you are not looking to establish a relationship, I am more than happy to discuss your fantasies with you or anything else you want. Call Me Soon and Become my Special Gurl!

Cross-Dresser - The primary reason for dressing as a female is sexual arousal.

Transvestite - Dresses as a female to look, act and be seen as a female by others and treated as one. May also be sexually aroused by it.

Transsexual - A person who has either had surgery or taken hormones to look more like a female. It may eventually lead to sexual reassigment surgery.

Whichever one you are, I would enjoy talking to you about your interest in being feminizied.

Chastity is a powerful tools to shape and control my feminizied girls. The idea of limiting their access to their cock, making them even more sexually furstrated and desiring me more is so powerful. It limits the ways they might be sexually aroused and satisfied, allowing more and more control! Just so you know, I own a CB-6000 and am a KEY Holder :)






Cuckolding someone to me is about status and the structure of the relationship. It lets my girls know they are not my equal, they are not a REAL MAN in my eyes any longer, unworthy, and below me and others.