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Cuckolding Cougar

I'm back! 47 yr old Housewife- my man is 23!

Hello and thank you for checking out my/our page.

I am a 46 yr old woman with a thing for much younger men.
Ruby Tuesday*
Since my former cub and I split I've widened the age gap. I now have a relationship with a wonderful man that's 23 years old. He will be out of the country until August but lives with me. This is your chance to pay for all the things I will send him from home that he loves and misses in his home country. I love his energy and young body. I love how hard he tries to please me and is overly grateful for every last thing I do no matter how small.
I am a bit old fashioned in many ways
but do not mistake that for being a submissive.
I'm far from that.
We all enjoy a little kink in one form or another and I'm his kink, his fetish, his first blow job.
I am really quite conservative yet I enjoy the company of a much younger man.He does not know I do this as he's very shy and conservative from a country with deep traditions and culture.
Please remember that when it comes to respect,
you get what you give.
I appreciate a well spoken, intelligent, and respectful man.
Part of being a boy toy is a bit of spoiling. I enjoy my time taking him out for lunch, festivals, museums, the zoo, etc. Showing him everything American life has to offer.

Yahoo or Skype Cam
I no longer do cam so Skype and Yahoo are just for checking on availability.
You can buy our ID for both Yahoo and Skype here

Although highly unusual with our age and culture differences this is a relationship built on love, respect, and trust. Hearing you get off will be the closest thing I get to sex until he comes back for the next school year.
I will send 5 free minutes to callers over 15 minutes.
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