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Alexandra de Marco

Confess your Deepest, Darkest Secrets!

Do you have a deep

Fantasies, Dreams, Lies, Truth, Dirty Little Secrets, Confessions...What is yours?


Do you have a deep, dark secret that's burning to come out, but no one to tell it to? Don't want to go to church because it's something so intense, you're afraid the priest would kick you out of the confessional? Are you so overwhelmed with guilt that you don't know what to do? Well, guess what? I'm much better at keeping secrets than he would be! And, I want to hear yours!

You see, I enjoy collecting people's wicked thoughts and deeds. Your sins are my delights. I get off on listening to you talk about what a naughty boy you are.

Ultimately, your act of confessing is to keep me entertained, and for me to add your dirty deeds to my little book of sins. I'll keep your secrets safe, as long as you devote yourself to me and promise to give me and only me your future confessions, because we both know that no matter how sorry you say you are, how many times you beg for forgiveness, that ultimately, you WILL sin again. And again.

I know you're just dying to confess. I can't wait to hear about all the nasty things you've been up to. Even if only in your mind, it's still deliciously sinful. Awaiting your confession...

Darkest Kisses,

Alexandra de Marco


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If you thought the teaser above was sinful, you've seen NOTHING yet. The story within is for only the most sinfully wicked at heart. In fact, after reading what's inside and viewing the accompanying photos, you might forever be changed.. Will you find the path to salvation inside? Or only to further damnation?

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A sinfully steamy story and set of photos of the lovely Sister Mary Alexandra- Nothing sexier than a nun wearing fishnets and a corset!



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