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Madame Ingrid

Financial Domination SLUTLINE


I AM Madame Ingrid the Valkyrie; an INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED PROFESSIONAL DOMINATRIX with over 9 years of slut training experience. I am leggy, 6' tall (without heels), athletic, busty, and INCREDIBLY STUNNING visually. For all of my lovely physical attributes,
I am highly intelligent and every bit the SADISTIC BITCH and STRICT DISCIPLINARIAN that you desire!

I offer a comprehensive array of submissive slut correctional programs. My styles are eclectic, and My knowledge is quite extensive. I am an expert in the art of Shibari Japanese rope bondage, and My dungeon contains a diverse collection of leather and metal restraints, torture devices, and sadistic implements sure to break even the most contentious of painsluts. I am extremely versed in psychodrama, just a few of my favorite activities include:

  • cruel humiliation/verbal degradation
  • sissy-slut makeovers
  • equestrian/puppy training
  • teacher-student re-education
  • boss-employee scenario
  • nun-fantasy roleplay
  • interrogation prisoner torture
  • sadistic medical experimentation
  • cock control
  • forced milkings
...creating inescapable suspension bondage predicaments administered with strict verbal admonishments, and a variety of cruel and sadistic tortures to my pathetic subordinates.

Harsh whippings, elaborate cock and ball torture, strap-on training, diabolical electro-play, sharp humiliation, teasing and denial are just a few of my interests. I relish the dilemma of YOU being broken and acting as a whimpering pathetic cuckold!

I very much enjoy GIRDLE, PANTYHOSE, LEATHER, RUBBER, and LATEX fetishists, along with boot and shoe tasters, foot lickers, sissy sluts, pantysniffers and pantywaists.

Being a Goddess IS expensive! I wear only the finest custom made fetishwear and I do have a penchant for expensive Italian shoes, not to mention haute couture designer clothing. Show your devotion, slave!


Spoil Me with My new wishlist!

Available for a limited time only, My classic photo galleries and original fetish and domination movies!

"Mirror" photo collection. -Who's the fairest cock tease of all? Madame Ingrid, ...of course! In this highly explicit, ...and self indulgent glamour gallery; Mistress' lovely porcelain skin bares (sic) a striking contrast to Her skin-tight pewter latex fetish dress, black-lace panties, and thigh-high stockings. A strategically placed mirror; vividly compliments Her own brazen narcissistic exhibitionisms. -31 hi-res ultra sexy photos.

"glisten" -gallery one. -The magnificent Madame strips down and oils up, in an absolutely sublime erotic-glamour gallery! -24 astonishingly hot-sticky-wet images, now in a larger 800 x 1200 format! A lady doesn't sweat, She glistens!!

"The Town Whore" -Forced feminization & humiliation, verbal degradation, bondage, ballbusting, whipping, caning, smoking, spitting, and electro-CBT and more! 40 minute movie.

...about your position" -Mistress Helena's video debut! -A newly appointed junior exec shows up late and inappropriately dressed for a mandatory Saturday meeting. To "make an example"; Ms. Johannssen and Miss Troy illustrate just how they reprimand their cocky new subordinates, ...quite literally. Tight rope bondage and heavy ballbusting, panty smothering, wrestling, cbt, dildo training and a dastardly ashtray scene; (including a cruel cigarette butt disposal...)."The dress code is ALWAYS proper office attire here!" -29 minute full length movie.

* the Flame!*. -Talk is cheap, slave-accountability isn't. The *moth*, (a.k.a. *footboy*); offers his true fetishistic devotions with his wimpy ass and wanton mouth, in real-time Goddess servitude. -OTK, bondage, caning, flogging, electro-torments, face-sitting, electro-stimulation, and plenty of foot worship for this tawdry little toe-whore! -20 minute full length movie.

"Candy Stripes" full length movie. -Girl on girl? There's nothing soft about this one. Blondes may have more fun but redheads are just painsluts. Studies have shown that flaming locks are linked with stoicism in the face of suffering. Special guest "alt-porn" starlet Madison Young endures 300+ canestrokes better than most men that I've known; and only wanting to please Mistress all the more with each welt on her cute little ass. -20 minute full length movie.

"Lubed & Lascivious!" video clip. -On your knees maggot, ...and say hello to My little friend! Madame Ingrid liberally lathers up; with lewd jack-off instruction sharp verbal degradation, copious spitting, and capping it all off with a point-blank "climax"! -9 minutes.

"...STRIKE A POSE" movie. -Hung by the wrists in tippy-toed suspension; ballerinaslut is indeed the "pussy on a pedestal", enduring a battery of corporal disciplines before being ultimately ravaged by Madame Ingrid's strap-on. -Bondage, spanking, caning, cock-teasing, single-tail whipping, and strap-on training. 31 minute full length movie.

"Permission Denied" movie. -Madame Ingrid's electro-cock therapy clinic! -Predicament bondage with repetitive orgasm denial, masochistic torture and ultimate orgasm ruination. Subject is brought to the brink of orgasm, over and over again, -only to be cruelly denied with each plea to cum. -17 minute full length movie.

"Encomium.2" photo collection. -22 erotic glamour, fetish, and scene images; archived from 2002 to the present. -A gratuitous "tits & ass spectacular"!

"Cock Pillory Corporal" full length movie. -Madame Ingrid gets medieval! Extreme cock and ball predicament bondage with caning, whipping, electro-torture and an ultra-cruel, forced "dry-run" orgasm. Twisted and diabolical domination! -19 mins in .wmv format.

"киска". -Madame Ingrid's alter ego: Svetlana Minx' special "grab bag" compilation. Intimate and explicit cock-teasing masturbation with verbal denigration. Rare and raw unreleased outtakes, behind the scenes footage and candid webcam clips. HOT, HOT, HOT!!! -22 minutes.

"flagellate" full length movie. -Stripped and suspended, shaved and stilettoed; a uni-slave runs the cruel gamut of Madame Ingrid's extensive collection of leather implements, before being broken down completely under Her merciless discipline ...AND Her cat o' nine tails! Heavy BDSM action! Bonus footage included! -31 minute full length movie.

"doppelgänger" -In fiction and folklore, a doppelgänger (German "double walker") is a paranormal double of a living person, typically representing evil or misfortune. Featuring Madame Ingrid and her devious "alter-ego" Svetlana Minx! -Bondage, cock teasing, violet wand, caning, single-tail whipping and strap-on training. .wmv format @ 15 minutes.

"supplicant". -Naked and restrained in 3-point floor bondage; a video slave suffers a bit of "stage fright", as Madame Ingrid imposes Her cruel will on him anyway! -B