Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

I have no time to play games or to be toyed with. Nor do I wish to beat around the bush.

you are a wimpy little sissy boy. I know this and you know this, so let's just lay it on the line.

you have no conversation but the one I give you. you are not very articulate as you speak and think with the little mushroom between your legs.

The games you play are the games I make you play or the games I play on you.

The only toys you come in contact with are the ones I use to feminize you. you want what I want and you want to make ME happy.

you must understand that I deserve to be happy. I deserve to have the finer things and life. And I will even be gracious enough to allow you to furnish these things for me! you are here to only make sure that I NEVER have to want for anything!

In order to run my household I have certain obligations. However, now that you are assuming your rightful role in life, these are now yours. (you may thank me later for allowing you this honor and privilege)

I will allow you to make a choice as to which of my obligations you will pay:

1. Mortgage (MY home)

2. Car Note

3. Utility Bills (gas, electricity, water/sewerage)you may chose which one (if not all) you will pay

4. Telephone (home phone)

5. DirecTV

6. Groceries

7. Clothing allowance

Once we have come to some agreement, I will post your name by your obligation, so you will not forget. If you default, there will be consequences to pay, because then I won't be happy!

However, if you make Me happy, I will be sure to reward you for being true to yourself.